Ben and Ryan searched the yard a couple of weeks ago and found no scorpions even near the house, so I was pretty let down when Ben slammed a cup down on what I knew right away was a blasted scorpion.  Seriously this place has no bugs (well once I saw a cricket), so what else would it be.

Look how nasty.  We flushed him down the toilet.  And the new bedtime ritual is to turn out the lights while Ben searches the house with the black light.  The house is sprayed every month (and again the day after this guy was found) and we don't plan to see anymore.  Dangit.
I'm getting the heebie geebies writing this.  I think it's time to go think about something else like shoes, and Pinterest and other mindless addicting wastes of time!  :)  Not scorpions climbing up our sheets at night (what kept me up ALL night this night).  Thank goodness Ben isn't a wuss like me.  And thank goodness he's hot.  =)

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