Small Town-isms

LOVE them:

  • Commuting is minimal and everyone is close by.
  • I can go to Wal-Mart multiple times a day and put like five miles on my car. 
  • Date night dinner restaurants are like two whopping minutes from home.  Nothing like leaving the house at 7 and getting there two fashionable minutes late.
  • Weekday routines (work, gym, dinner, etc.) are very relaxed and cozy.  Weekdays in a small town are so ideal!!  
  • I can probably go three weeks in between gas fill ups if we don't take the car into the valley.
  • We don't even have a freeway.  There is no more driving anxiety.
  • If you want to go out to eat in your pajamas, go for it.  Nobody gawks at you in surprise like they do when you wear hot pink lipstick and heels (to Dennys....but I was dying to get all ready).

BOO them:
  • Sonic was out of green apple flavor for my green apple slush and out of bananas for Ben's banana split.  
  • DQ was out of ice.
  • Produce is always about a day from being wrinkly, so I buy one banana at a time.  (If I eat it I can always just go drive and get another.)
  • There are never any normal flavored oreos left at Wal-Mart.
  • Did I just see a deer head on the front of a house?
  • The gym is closed on Saturday.
  • Small towns are "safe", but I really am having a hard time running without constantly looking behind me.
  • Restaurants close at like 8 on the weekends.  During the weekdays some have even closed at seven.
  • This place needs a hoppin' club for some Saturday night booty shakin'.

If I were mayor of one of them:
  • The pool would be open as soon as it hit 75 degrees (March?) and stay open until it drops below 75 degrees.  And I think 20 lifeguards are overkill?
  • Dessert places have to stay open until 10.  haha
  • The inmates work release programs would not include cleaning the parks.  That scares the children away (and adults).

Two years ago we had Vegas days.  
One year ago it was Salt Lake days.  
This year they are Arizona small town days.  Our life chapter book is insane and pretty quick paced so far.  I wonder where it will take us next year?  Judging by the pattern thus far, I'm guessing, like, Morenci. lol (No offense Morenci-ans.)

Maybe the mine will transfer us out of the country (not the plan nor want), or maybe we'll have twins by then (not the plan at all, either).  Life is crazy and so unplanned, but it's much fun and we love memories, ...even in a small town.

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