Twenty (Third) Fourth of July Weekend

The 24th of July (slash 23rd of July this year) is a bigger deal around here than the 4th.  I finally realized what an LDS community we have moved to after viewing a parade with float after float by different wards!

The weather got a little windy, but the temperatures dropped so it was almost ideal.  The fireworks were fancy, the BBQ dinner was GREAT and the company was lovely, again, of course.  And uncle Ben thought he'd give miss Mallory Monster.  And she liked it.

The other girls were in the parade.  Ragan didn't even see us until she was clear past, so that nixed my picture opportunity.  But they were super cute.

This float was probably my favorite.  I thought about my dad when I saw it for some reason.  It's a temple!!  See the Angel Moroni??  Look closely.  Or click on the picture to enlarge it.

Above are the missionaries.  And below if you look closely you see people chillin' on their rooftop.  I just love the trees.  Still not over them.

Ben and I also took a trip up the mountain, but a short way up it started to pour and was quite the lightning storm so we turned around and decided to get some mountain lightening shots from our valley.  But then the lightning kind of stopped when I had my camera finally set up, so we just dinked around.  I'm pretty sure the lightning started back up when we left.  Better luck next time.  And I must add that I just LOVE Ben's longer hair, blowin' in the wind.  =)

That's all for now!!  I'm thinking about doing an HDR tutorial, but I haven't gotten that far yet.  Hope you had a good 24th!


  1. I really think you should do one! I, for one, would thoroughly enjoy it. I love the shots with you and Ben. Super awesome. You are getting so good with your camera!

  2. Awesome pictures! You guys are so cute!! I didn't know they had a parade in Arizona!