Big Birthday Weekend

It was Ben's birthday weekend.  It was pretty fun.  They had a cake and bagels at his work, and I spent much of the day preparing for his return (minus a job interview) so he'd have a good and memorable evening slash weekend!

I decorated both in and out for his big day.  I have to keep myself from spending our life savings on celebrating!  So fun.  Then we stuffed our faces with his favorite dish of cheesy potato/chicken casserole.  And then cake.  And so forth with the carbs.  And then we headed into the valley for the rest of the weekend. 

We did go on a run before all hence the attire, or lack thereof.  ;)

Some gifts weren't really wrappable, like a subscription to a magazine or book on tape, so I made him something to actually open (out of an envelope/folder, but still).

Remember the rainbow cake that was so delicious that we even made the cupcake version?  That was the birthday cake!  My first time not going to DQ and just buying one...but I don't think the DQ here sells cakes.  They don't even have tables inside, so...
Sprinkling the sides is hard.

Might I add that the Nike Free Runs are the ultimate running shoes.  I swore off Nike for running, period, but they finally came out with something not only decent but lovely.
We like to google places we should visit, or we go adventuring.  There is much to see.  Like the Civic Center!  It was blazing hot, so by the time we were done I was pretty drenched.

HDRs with people are hard, but we still attempt to do them.

We took a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West.  We got there upon closing but convinced the lady to take a few shots.  We believe this strange place to be an architectural school campus, etc.

For dinner we went to RA with Kevin and Tabitha.  The sushi was delicious, much better than Blue Wasabi.  My favorite was the Crazy Monkey, and Ben loved their fancy Vegas.
Then the night couldn't have been complete without late hours wake surfing (using a winch?) at the park in the duck poop nasty water and wet grass.  It rained a little bit and my pictures weren't great, but the weather and company were nice.  Nighttime is superb.

We did what we love to do, and spent an entire day at the pool roasting, reading and drinking Monster.  And then we drove home in the biggest downpour I've ever seen.  I had Ben pull over because we were driving through so much water I was worried we'd hydroplane (or drown!!!).  I understand the whole flash flood thing now, and why there are those flood gates and such all over.

That's all.  I think Ben had a wonderful birthday weekend which was the ultimate goal.  I know I enjoyed it! =)

And congrats to Sheridan (my maid of honor) whom had her baby girl yesterday.  That's a crappy part of living in a different state is that pictures will have to suffice for right now.  Perhaps I will find some to steal and put on here.  She is a cute tiny thing.  Congrats!!

Miss you all!!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great weekend! And the cake still looks delicious I still need to try it one of these days. And how did you get that magazine with Ben on it, that is hilarious.

  2. Man life looks great down there. I really hoped I could get a cool rainbow cake or rainbow cupcakes for my b-day, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happne. Love your blog?

  3. Haha!! That was meant to be an exclamation point haha!

  4. What a fun weekend! I love the gifts you made in lieu of unwrappable gifts. I also loved the M&Ms in the cooler. So Phoenix.