Five August Activities

1-  Ben rocked at Crossfit doing "Helen," a workout this week, with all sorts of people cheering him on.  He puked his guts out in the puke bucket for the first time.  I thought he might pass out.  An hour later it was awesome, but during his workout recovery it really wasn't that awesome.  That is some determination!!  (I had him promise me he wouldn't do that again. haha).  I love my Crossfitter.

2-  Weekends at home consist of Ben's famous breakfasts (pretty much the only time I eat breakfast...mornings just don't typically mesh with food).

3-  We made toaster smores with super GIANT marshmellows, something well worth documenting.  (We even watched five movies this weekend, too, and I typically hate movies.)

4-  We finally went up Mt. Graham, but we didn't make it to the telescopes up top, which was a bummer.  The road turned into a dirt road after an hour+, and we brought our new car.  We'll be back up again, in the truck this time, and maybe even to camp.  We were pretty disappointed about the random dirt road.  I guess we should have done a little more research before hand.  Hopefully we didn't turn around right around the corner from what would have been our destination.

The mountain temperatures dropped about 35-40 degrees up near 10,000 where we finally turned around.  I am still so surprised because I still think of Arizona as a total desert, and not as it looks below, all forest-y.

A deer ran right behind me here, and there was the brightest green moss I've ever seen (easily amused I guess).  I guess there are bears galore up there, but we luckily didn't encounter any.

5-  There are some randomly giant houses here in town.  This one looked like it was being added onto and I saw it and was like "holy house!!!...let's go take a picture."  Of course.

And this house is very orange, I had to take a picture.  In fact, I probably should have shot an HDR.  The skies here are always so pretty, and I love them in HDR, especially against bright colored houses.
I don't think our town enforces any codes.  We pass the house below on our walk to Crossfit (which is conveniently across the street behind us), and I always want to take a picture of all the junk.  Click the pic to enlarge the junk.  This is one of many houses like so.  A junky yard would stress me out I think.
That is all for now.  Except our town pool is full on drained for the season (this town is run by total weirdos, it's like well over 100 out and they end the pool season).  Back to reality for another week.  Life is treating us well in AZ.  Love and miss you all!


  1. That looks like a yummy breakfast and you always take so great pictures!!

  2. I love reading your posts! And I agree about the great pictures. I grew up in Phoenix, so I always thought Arizona was all desert too, but after living up north for so long, I realize that Arizona has a LOT more forests than people realize. It really is a diverse and beautiful state.

  3. Once again, you look like a total BABE in the wilderness in your fancy high heels and dangly earrings!! Who, besides you and Ben, can eat breakfasts like that and still look so amazing!? Seriously! Let me in on your secrets...

    Oh yeah...the secret is puking your guts out doing Crossfit. No thanks! ;)

  4. Ya the blog I just created is for one of my classes, so they're will probably be lots of school stuff on it! Ya I know how to use PhotoShop a lil bit!