LDS Journal Dot Com

I used to write in a journal religiously and then I discovered blogging and that pretty much ended the journaling, I guess.  Upon moving I found some journals and they are pretty funny to read through and think back on the days when I was dealing with my "mean sister," or a highschool boyfriend, or a cheerleading stunt falling during a halftime show (heaven forbid), etc.  I even had this TOP TEN list of guys I liked and I updated it almost every single day (little did I know that some of those guys on it had discovered it and would check it when they came over).  If it weren't for those journals, I'd probably never had remembered all of those hilarious things.

So I recently decided I wanted to start another journal that I can write everything and anything in without boring the world or sharing too much.  I found LDSJOURNAL.COM a free, online and private journal. 
Like a blog, it can be printed into a book on the site for fairly cheap.  It can send weekly email reminders to write, and there are a million questions that you can answer about life if you struggle to think of what to write.  I think you can even upload pictures, though I haven't.

I have been writing once a week and I'm excited to be able to look back, again, and remember even the insignificant things that made me laugh, or the awesomely innapropriate ones that would never make it on mister blog.

Happy Thursday!


  1. This is awesome! I might have to check this out!

  2. i agree i love this idea, i just might have to look into it!!

  3. That is one of the reasons why I love re reading my journals they are so funny to read. Especially the ones that you wrote years ago. The only time that I write in mine is when I have deep thoughts or feelings to write down that I don't want anyone else to read.