A new car. Yay.

I've/we've put a ton of miles on big blue in the past four-five years (100k?), so we decided it was time to trade it in.  A sad farewell, but necessary for post warranty.  It was a decision we've been making over a couple of months, but to trade it this weekend was a decision we made on, like, Wednesday.  Then it became tunnel vision to a new car.
How about a HONDA for commuting, and for many practical reasons... (someone actually traded this car in and got $200).

So we found this beauty!!
Actually...no way.  I actually took a picture of this in our neighborhood Wal-Mart parking lot (so hopefully it doesn't belong to anybody reading this).  We bought a dark grey/silver Honda Accord at Tempe Honda!  "Our first car."  =)

We celebrated (an excuse) our success by going to the Ra in Tempe, on Mill Ave.  Mill Ave is awesome (and so is the candy store)!!  We've driven through, but never more.  It was nice to be around lots of people and a night life again!!  Had we not been car shopping in ridiculously drip sweaty heat all day, and to a water activities birthday for lil miss Keegan's first birthday (which I should have taken pictures of), we probably would have been up to more of an evening out.  But alas, sushi and the food network channel.  Can't go wrong there.

Crazy Monkey, King Crab, Tropical something, Vegas, and one I forgot and apparently missed.  Sushi is so good, and I always have to take pictures.  Why does it have to cost a small fortune, boo.

We still had time to chill at a pool.  The pool is happiness.  We find ourselves migrating that direction each weekend, and the pictures get repetitive, perhaps.  Sadly summer is dwindling down!  I have no idea what to expect for fall temperatures, really, but I think they will be satisfactory.  We have enjoyed these days of never getting cold...except for when grocery shopping, of course.

Here is a glimpse into the drive home in HDR.  Unfortunately traffic bombarded my images mid way.  Pretend you can't tell.  :)
Happy August!


  1. It looks like a great car for you Christy! I'm excited for you! Is that the pool you are going to take me too? XO

  2. I want to take you to a resort!

  3. WOW! I love your new car! That will be SO nice for the two of you. In case you didn't already know, we love Hondas. I drive a Honda Odyssey minivan, and Mat...well, he drives a 99' Civic...BOTH of which I assume you are extremely envious of!! Lol...Hondas are great cars. Congratulations!

  4. We have a car like the red honda you jokingly posted. What's wrong with that?

  5. Um that car is so not red. It's HOT PINK. Pinks my favorite, but I'd never buy a pink car.

  6. It totally looks red! And I think you should get a pink car. Or at least pink rims on your new car?

  7. It must be your computer cuz it totally doesn't look red at all. lol I've thought of pink trimmed black rims, but I don't think I could do that to my husband...