Weekend #130

Today marks day one of the Pushup/Air Squat Challenge.  100 reps each day, six days a week, any combination of both full push ups and air squats (I can't really do push ups that well either and I have to do the man kind).  The challenge + Taleah's crazy Zumba classes and jogging is the goal to be in good shape for our Honeymoon #2 (where my cute husband isn't going to be on Morphine/Lortab with a sushi like arm.).  It'll be our one year anniversary trip.
Ben is going to do all push ups, mister crazy.  I like challenges and when your town is sorta boring it's easy to spend allllll evening working out.
So we had as stressful latter week/weekend after insuring our beautiful new Honda and learning of a massive claim paid out on it from last fall that wasn't on the Car Fax or disclosed.

We planned to return our new car (quite angrily mind you), but things turned out in our favor and alas, never wrecked after all.  We left the dealer this weekend with the same car and I'm so happy because I love it.  But what a pain.  Hopefully we don't have to car shop for like, ever.
We took a visit out to Agritopia in Gilbert.  It has a feeling unto Daybreak.  Actually Daybreak is cuter, but Agritopia has the weather on its side....so perhaps that makes them tens.  I was too lazy to get out and take more pictures, so the imagination is necessary.  It was so cute out there.

And we made it out to Scottsdale for a day of pooling at one of our favorite pooling locations...of course.  Perhaps next valley trip we will go to the water park or float the river.

I'm struggling through book three.  I have read 2+ books during the duration of this one.  Book one of the series was fab, book two alright, and book three is meh, a book.  And I will finish.  Book one movie comes out in March!
That's all.  I'll be in Utah in a couple of weeks for a quick trip with my sister inlaw, and for work.  Hopefully see many of you then!

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  1. You look super hot at the pool in high heels! Ha...if I ever attempted that, I would trip and fall in very NON-gracefully for sure. :) That's talent and beauty, there!

    Sorry about the runaround with your car. I'm glad everything worked out for you guys and that you still get to drive your hot new wheels around Daybreak-ish towns in Arizona. :)

    PS: If I do push ups, air squats, and jogging, can I come on the trip, too?! ;)