FALLing in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona, from the top of the mountain in HDR...
Flagstaff is beautiful and doesn't feel like Arizona if you think it's only desert-y and hot.  It was mid/low 70s during the DAY and it's like living in a forest.  Though they get snow, it's just 4+ hours north of the heat here.

We visited Ryan, Ben's good buddy.  Oh the weekend was so awesome.  We live for them!  Here are some forest-y views from the back door slash driveway where we basked in the sun with gourmet smoothies they made while I read about Chinese immigration (it's quite an interesting subject).

We ventured to the downtown shops and restaurants, and visited this Hopi Indian thingy going on (that dancing is cool).  It was a nice time with superb weather and company.  I love a town of people and busy-ness.  Flagstaff isn't really that big, but it felt like this grand and massive town this visit.  Probably since we live in a smaller town.

We brought some clothes in case we decided to hike.  Ryan mentioned a four mile round trip or thereabouts.  I took a picture of this sign really quickly without really registering the mileage on it because I had to catch up to the guys ahead.
About two hours into this rigorous mountain hiking I asked some down mountain travelers how far we had to the top, and they said possibly ONE to TWO more hours, depending on speed at the steeper parts ahead.  Uh.

I decided to pull the Humpreys Trail picture up on my camera to see how far the mileage said it was.  Oh round trip 9.6 miles.  When the sun sets at 6:20, it's a hike probably suited for a much earlier starting time than 2pm.  Hum.

I really like my hubbin.  He makes me happy and he's so hot.  He carried my tripod the entire day.  What a pain I am...his wife.  Or "wifflesnapper."

I guess I didn't make it clear that I set up the tripod to get all three of us in a shot.  lol  Oh well.  Those apples were indeed delicious.

We left the top just after 5...and went quickly to make it out before dark but almost failed at that.  It was pretty creepy in those woods at dark.  We got to the car at 6:45.  But don't worry, I'd put us on the hiking register in case we got "lost at hike."  =)  Hey, you never know.

Ben, Derrick, Ryan

And we visited my cute MIL, Minda, in the mountains somewhere.  I'm not exactly sure which town this was?  It was her friends' house.

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend and the week is already well on its way to another one.  Happy Fall (officially)!  This weekend is conference and the official turn to October. Crazy.


  1. Oh you're making me homesick! You are brave to do that hike! I never did get to do it, mostly because my roommate did it right after I moved there, and got horrible blisters and such. I thought I'd have to train first. :) Glad you had fun in our old stomping grounds. I <3 Flag!

  2. I don't think we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into, but it ended up being fun (and making me sore). Im sorry we missed you guys! Flagstaff would be a wonderful place to live!