Summery September

We floated the Salt River this past weekend.  I talked alllll week about getting a waterproof camera, and then we didn't and I think we totally regretted that.  We brought our cooler along full of Monster, and cruised the river for 3-1/2 hours.  It was so awesome, and we saw some pretty funny groups of people.

One family had a tube that was probably as big as our master bedroom (not that that's saying much) and his entire family was just chillin' on it, floating down the river throwing those giant marshmellows at people.  People even put systems on tubes to have some music along the way.  Fun.
I spent a little time with my new filters.  This one is the polarized filter.  I didn't do a before picture purely out of laziness, but I did two exposures below (no Photoshop used) and I'm happy about how blue the sky is in them!  Usually the sky seems so washed out on film compared to reality and it makes me sad so I make it happy/brighter in Photoshop (see Photoshopped pic below them):

One of Ben's favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson (LDS from Orem area), recommended a series of horror books written by another Orem and most likely LDS buddy of his.

They looked pretty horrid, and the first one was somewhat dark at first, but tasteful with clean language and a fictional plot.  Creepy?  Fairly decent ratings on (find me).  I read book #1, and am definitely reading the next two because I am a creeper.  And Ben is reading the first one right now as we speak, so he is too.  CreeperS.
I went back to low-lights for the fall, and a little shorter/more stacked A-line...though it's in a tiny "ponytail" for working out.  Guess you'll have to wait to see it done (though I'm sure it's killing you).  It is cute I think!  Here I am trying to model my hair for you (Ben).
Doesn't fall start this week?  Happy end of summer (sad) slash fall time!  And I think we will be moving in three weeks, so that's super fun for us if we do...the not moving part but the living somewhere new and bigger.  An entire room for my shoes.  Glorious.

But happy...Tuesday night, Wednesday/humpday!  I'll leave you with the "virtuous triangle" from Pinterest.  I love this.
That is all for now.  =)

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  1. I love A-line haircuts, so post a picture quick! I have never done the Salt River (AZ native even- pathetic). I'm glad you had fun (even without the camera).