Videos - New/Old/Awesome

My sister and the awesome composer, Jared Ong, sold the rights to this song and ARUP used it in their GIVE BLOOD commercial.  It first aired during the football game last week and people recognized her voice but, of course, she didn't tell us so we didn't know if it was her!

And I don't know if I ever posted my brother's Chinese Game Show clip, but he didn't tell us about it either at the time.  What is wrong with my siblings.  lol  He's in the blue STRIPED shirt.

Since I'm posting awesome videos that unfortunately I have no part in other than relation to these awesome people, the Maury Povich clip with my mom and aunt.  I think I may have posted this one before.

If you're feeling extra bored and want to see the long Story of Ben and Christy from our cruise last year...

My brother made a hair video before he chopped his hair for his mission. LOL
And there's a 20 minute video from 6th grade of KALEIDOSCOPE that I would like to post, but I'll have to upload it later.  But I'm out of awesome videos for now.  Have an awesome weekend!


  1. lol Your family is so talented. I didn't know your brother spoke Chinese I didn't even know anything that they were talking about. I didn't even know your mom and your aunt was on Maury. I guess I learn something new everyday.

  2. Haha thank you!! I think I drew the short stick of the family! My brother spoke Chinese on his mission. That's how he learned it.

  3. Your welcome! You are still talented Christy. At least you know how to play the piano, I don't. That is cool because he speaks it really well.

  4. Wow, that made my day hearing Jolie's beautiful voice! Your family is crazy talented!

  5. LOL! I totally miss James! His hair video reminded me of all the good memories we've had together! Jolie's voice is beautiful, and you and Ben are as cute as ever!