Buhr Favorites

Some current favorites in the Buhr household for this fall time of year:

  • Our cute nieces in their Halloween attire after trunk or treating, and Elly who has like six or seven missing teeth.  They are so cute!!

  • STILL eating edamame like candy.  Our favorite recipe is the Soy Sesame Edamame.  My mom really liked this recipe when she visited.  SO good.  You shall try.

  • Carving pumpkins with Nate, Becky and the girls.  Much harder to do after inhaling a ginormous dinner, but a fun time none-the-less.

  • These Shayla boots that look good with leggings, skinnies, and pretty much everything!!  Not a part of the shoe room at this time.  Though if they were, they'd probably be hard to find.  It's only over half put together.  It's a little overwhelming opening the door to the shoe room.

  • Our reading area!!  We need another bookshelf already.  We love to read.  We look forward to it each evening after dinner.  We are just so exciting.

  • Running!  Though his pace is quicker than mine.  Here we are readying for a 10k.

  • We are seeing some fall weather, but it's beautiful right now!!  Yesterday after [suuuper early] church Ben brought the recliner outside and we laid out in our backyard.  Ha.

  • My first visit to Sprinkles ...finally!, thanks to a Scottsdale trip Taleah and I took.

  • Parks and Recreation...Ben sure gets a kick out of Ron.  He laughs and laughs and laughs.

  • This quick past year of married life with mister hubbins (in his snake bite protector thingys for the Adopt A Highway clean up a couple weeks ago).  He is the best friend I've ever had.  I love him and am excited to celebrate!  Where does time go?

That's all for now.  Happy Halloween!!

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