The Madre's Visit

My mother came down to our small town to visit and check out all of the excitement!!  :)  She helped put the house together (shoe room), we Zumba'd, and I think she enjoyed the time at the pool in the Arizona sunshine.  It was so fun to have her here!!!!  Yay.  We had a lot of fun!!
I decided to give her the town grand tour of tours!  We started at the Town Hall and a nice lady there looked up the town population for us (for 2010).  We're curious.

5,500-ish for Thatcher, even less for Pima, 9,500-ish for Safford, and about 20,000 for the whole area including surrounding small towns.  I thought we had 40-50,000 people here.  That's what I've been telling everyone back in Utah.  Graham County has 40-something thousand altogether.  I was off!

My mom loved Taleah's Zumba class and requested we go again the next day, so we went to the Zumba Toning class of hers.  Zumba rocks.
My mom and I went to Tombstone while Ben was working.  My mom has never been so it was really fun seeing everything with her, and the weather was so nice to walk around in.  I didn't realize how many pictures we took.  We had a blast just laughing and having fun!!  Next time around we want to dress up like everyone else there.

We took the Tombstone tour in the "original stagecoach wagon" around the streets, and to get a little bit of the history of the place.  I know very little about Tombstone.

"Do you like my shirt?"  "No I don't like your shirt!"  Boom-boom-boom...  lol seriously.  Death by blue plaid shirt.

The guys there loved my mom, it was funny.  The one on the left picked her out of the crowd and then walked us across the street to be "hanged."

We went to Squaw Peak Resort for a weekend getaway and to show my mom the valley areas.  Squaw Peak is in Phoenix.  We also took her to Fashion Square in the pretty Scottsdale, and saw a fun little fashion show on a runway set up there.  It was fun!!

This picture cracks me up.  This is Ben going down on his belly, head first.  It looked like he was riding on his face.  Haha he makes me laugh!!

We bought this monokini swimsuit for our honeymoon almost a year ago.  It is one of our favorites, a cute Betsey Johnson.

We had the Becky and the lil nieceys over for dinner one night so my mom could meet them and see how cute they are!  Ben built them a fort out of boxes, complete with multiple windows.  They LOVE their uncle Ben.

That's the gist of her visit (I only posted some of the many pictures!!).  We made lots of fun memories!!  Hope you had fun, mom!  I'm sad you're gone, but see you at Christmas!!  =)


  1. It was sooooo much fun and thanks for spoiling me rotten. I love you guys! XO MOM

  2. It looked like you guys had a blast. I love Zumba too! You guys are so lucky, it still looks nice there, its so cold down here.

  3. You guys always have so much fun!! I hope you're enjoying the AZ sunshine :)

  4. OK I have to say I Love your swimming suite!!!

  5. love the shoe rack, question? where did you get the shelves and blocks at? and what are the blocks?