Our Town! Pt II - & so forth...

There's a beautiful temple right here in town.  The Gila Valley Temple, dedicated in May of 2010.  It reminds me a little of the Bountiful temple, and it sure is pretty.

I'm no genius by any means, but I believe these fields below to be cotton fields.  Just a wild guess based on the white fluffy stuff.

We have a pretty cool courthouse.  It's all big and grand, and I want to work there just because it's the coolest building around.  Maybe I should put on my resume that I took a couple criminal justice courses in college, and go apply for something ...like a judge.  =)
My plan was to take some pictures of Eastern Arizona College, but something about men in orange clothing just doesn't jive with me, so better luck next time.  Aside from this picture, it seems like a pretty nice campus. I believe it only offers Associate's Degrees, though.  Pretty small.  And what is up with the awesome stormy weather.
I call the house on the left the "Jerusalem house," and you can see the mine in the background on the mountain.  Tis where Ben was when I took this, actually.
Pinterest is awesome and I think it is going to make us fat.  It was a wonderful Conference weekend full of great talks and treats, and even some listening in bed.  It's refreshing to hear from our sweet prophet every six months, along with the other inspired speakers.  However, I'd be lying if I didn't say General Conference made me a little bit homesickly this time around (but then I checked the KSL weather and saw it is supposed to snow this weekend...and I felt a little better).  =)

Our Oreo Marshmellow Brownies turned out to be about as tasty as the Pinterest picture looks (that rarely happens here).  I'm sure we will repeat.  "These brownies are the devil!!" -Ben

The cookies turned out to be good, but not as good as expected from the pin picture below...

I guess when it called for two LBS of chocolate, it really was serious.  That become obvious with the result.  But they are good still.

As far as healthy food, the Hawaiian Grilled Chicken, Coconut Milk Marinade meal is to die for, though we decided to bake ours at 350 for 30 minutes instead of grilling.

Source: adashofthyme.com via Christy on Pinterest

We marinated the chicken overnight and had mashed sweet potatoes alongside.

A downside to Arizona is we're an hour time behind Utah (at least right now), so it gets darker here earlier during the summer, which makes evening jogging harder.  But at least we have our headlamps from that time we had this idea to go spelunking six days before our wedding.

I've been told we don't have Daylight Savings here, so at least it won't be dusk at 3:45 like it was in Vegas during the winter.
We are trying to get friends to run with us the Turkey Trot, though so far I think nobody around here seems too interested in running.  Boo!!  Come run!!  Or walk!  It shall be fun.

Have a good first week of October!


  1. Devilish brownies for Conference weekend?! Count me in. I may have to make those right now. And is the recipe for the chicken on pininterest also? I'm so scared to go on that site because a) it's addicting and b) I'm gaining weight just looking at the few recipes you posted from there. PS I love your pictures. P.P.S. EA is WONDERFUL. Go during the day when the classes are in full swing.

  2. Your pictures are completely amazing. I really love the ones of the temple...especially the one where the temple is in the background of the cotton fields. ...And the picture of the American flag? AMAZING. I want one. That is so dang pretty. :)

  3. sweet HDR pics...love.love.love!!!