Some October Act . . . Oct . . . ivities

We went to the Graham County Fair this weekend with Nate/Becky and the girls.  It was absolutely freezing.  Utah wasn't the only place that had a cold front move through, yikes.  Ben had to dig out some jackets from boxes.

We had been planning on going all week (or month!), FAIRS ROCK, but I was kind of exhausted from a stressful week of doctors appointments and frustrating run arounds, and I didn't feel like County Fair-ing.  But all is well and I'm happy.

So here are our adorable nieces Elly, Ragan and Mallory.  Fair rides are so spendy, but they loved them.  Mallory especially!  She would just light up when the ride started moving.  Sooo cute.

  • Ben just finished the biggest quarter closing of the year for Freeport, and we enjoyed hanging around our place for one last weekend.  It was one of those of reading, finishing Season 7 of The Office (ha Creed!!), visiting the new house and making more devil brownies.  We're moving this week (church is still at 9?) and next week my dear mother will be in town to help us get settled and to visit.  =)  I'm trying to talk the rest of my family into visiting us now that we'll have more room.  So yes...COME VISIT!
  • Ben and I get excited about books.  It is awesome.  We buy hardcovers for $4 on Amazon multiple times a week.  The book I finished this weekend was about John Walsh (America's Most Wanted)'s sweet little boy, Adam.  Only briefly familiar with the case and the Goodread reviews were the reason for this read.  Sometimes I still wish I'd have doubled my major with Criminal Justice, especially after reading books like these and learning what a difference John Walsh has made in bringing down such evil people in this world.

  • This is my super cute dad!!  About a month ago he was up for President of the Utah Medical Association and was elected!  I'm so happy for him!!  He always has such great accomplishments.  Love my dad and miss him!!

  • Here are a couple of pictures from conference weekend.  The girls LOVE Ben, and Ben LOVES to rile up the girls.  It's exhausting to watch.  They are so funny!!  It's hard to even remember the days Ragan wouldn't talk to Ben because she'll just gab away now.  And miss Mallory is even starting to say a few things.  Fun to watch them get older.  They grow like weeds.

Tis all for now in Arizona.  Hope you had a nice weekend!  Happy mid-October!


  1. Congratulations to your wonderful Dad!! Good for him. Your entire family is amazing at anything you try your hand at.

    When I read that Ben likes to rile the little girls up, I remembered talking to my sister in law the day I found out I was pregnant with my first boy. I said something like, "The thing that worries me most about trying to raise a boy, is that he'll come out of me hard-wired to be a wild animal." She reassured me that kids (for the most part) are a product of their environment, and will behave the way they are raised. It was then that I knew we were in trouble....Mat is JUST LIKE BEN!!! Good luck, Christy!

    ...No, but really, it's awesome. What more could you ask for, than a father of your children that LOVES to play with them? :)

  2. Congrats to your dad!

    Looks like so much fun, I absolutely love the carousel picture!

    You guys make conference look so fun! I'm usually napping, sadly, although I try to stay awake as much as I can!

    Thanks for the book recommendation, I will definitely be checking it out!

  3. I'm glad you take pictures of my kids because I have been so bad lately! I used to not leave the house without my camera and now it never even crosses my mind! I think it's the 3rd kid syndrome. I will steal the pictures when I start blogging again. I keep saying I'm going to....Maybe I will have a marathon blogging weekend to get caught up.