We moved...again!

This weekend we moved to a house in a nearby town.  The apartment was a nice, cozy place, but we couldn't deny we needed much more room, so when this house became available we decided it was worth packing up (though half our stuff was still boxed) and doing the move thing all over again.
I took pictures with three different cameras during the weekend, so this is a smorgasbord of pictures.  Here is before we took over the first load.  The floor needs a scrub, but this was before we made a mess of the place.  We're slowly getting back to organized!
I asked Ben to pose and "SAY CHEESE," and this is his pose.  lol  What a goober.  But a cute goober none-the-less.  He got off work early to get a work out in before the move.  Me, on the other hand, I sat home and drank a Monster and thought about packing and probably cookies.  Moving is a work out enough.

Our nieces probably each took twenty loads, or so!  Sure each load was only like a shirt or two, and I had to give them the dark shirts because they'd be dragging half the time.  haha

Click to enlarge this panoramic picture to get a gist of the living area (yes we need blinds):
I know I have problems, but at least they are in the form of shoes, right?  When I asked my husband if my shoes were a problem, he said, "only when we move."  So there ya have it.  They all stay!  

They have been through a lot of squishing and have taken a beating during the past six months of movings.  It has made me quite sad because I baby them all.  I sound like I'm talking about animals or something.  I wish.  I want a cute puppy.  (Rykar.)

Pictures coming soon of the put together SHOE ROOM.   My favorites are in the upper portion of the picture, above the white boards, but you can't really see much.
We didn't have a stove for a couple days, so we used the one back at the apartment for omelets.

 Miss Mallory found my hardhat (note her inside out and backwards pjs- lol), and the girls all loved the "big boxes."  It was pretty entertaining!  It is nice to have room for the lil nieceys to run around.

Elly and Ragan disappeared for a minute, and then I heard heels clinking on the floor around the corner from us.  They had found the shoe room and were pretty hilarious and freakin' adorable with their huge grins.  They had helped me pack the shoes back at the apartment.  They sure are naturals in heels.  :)

In separate news, I wonder how many shirts they can make out of this.  No wonder allergies are bad around here these days.  This is COTTON.  So much cotton around here!
That is the gist of the move.  I plan to take some pictures when we're all organized, and I'll probably hold off on a front elevation for now.  This has been a fun change. My favorite part is the double shower heads in the master shower, and being able to turn up my Clavinova and play my Christmas music in October as loud as I want without worrying about the neighbors hearing.  It echos so loudly.  It is great!!

Have a good week!  We're headed to Tucson this evening to pick my mother up at the airport.  Excited!


  1. I am so happy for you! Though I shudder still when I think of moving again. I'm glad yours went smoothly (well, as smoothly as moving can go anyway).

  2. Can I come shoe shopping at your house? I see you have to adorable models that can show them all off to me. :)

    Your new house looks sooo beautiful! What a nice change for you guys. I absolutely love white cabinetry in kitchens. It makes everything seem so bright and fresh!

    Congratulations, Ben and Christy. It sure is fun to be able to read your blog and take small part in all your adventures!