Happy Thanksgiving!!

We ran the Pima Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning with 549 other folk.  It was such a fun, fun time!!  I'm kind of sad it is over.  Not every day there's a big local race with friends!

Thanksgiving was spent with Becky's family here in town.  It was my first Thanksgiving I've ever been away from my own family (I take that back, last year we were on our Honeymoon), but Becky's family is really friendly and we honestly felt right at home.  It was nice of them to have us over and it was a really nice day, and they had a TON of pie to top it all off.  Like, tons.  And the weather was beautiful and sunny.  It is actually starting to finally feel a little like Halloween outside.
The Howard's shoot off rockets on Thanksgiving and the kids run through the fields to catch them.  This one happened to be ginormously long and the parachute only helped so much.  haha

Our yummy pit roasted turkey, thanks to the Howards!  We will be enjoying it throughout the next week+.
One day we drove past all these planes in Tucson and I was like PLANES!!!!  So I went home to look it up online and sure enough there is a museum there.  I've been telling Ben it would be a ridiculously FUN time, so Friday we went to the Pima Air Museum.  It was rather awesome.  Planes!!!

The Blackbird can go coast to coast in one hour and four minutes!!  If I recall, it was somewhere around 2,100+ mph.  That is so fast.  It's the picture below.
Meet mister Super Guppy... the whale plane.

And Ben said this plane (below) looked like it was a Disney plane.  The museum had quite a few "Disney planes," actually.  It's weird to think they used to fly around in the air.  Kind of like that bumble bee plane picture up top.  It held a record for the smallest plane built.

There is something called, like, "Merry Main" or something along those lines, the day after Thanksgiving.  Old Main is closed off and there are games/blow up toys and Santa.  And I think they turn the lights on in a countdown, but we missed that part because we were still Museum-ing.  But ya, the girls were cute, even if the picture turned out blurry.
I liked the Courthouse before they put Christmas lights on it.  It just got even cooler!!
Other recent babblings:
  • We found our first scorpion in house which Ben thoroughly smashed with a soup can.  Ben's black light search turned up no others.  Creepers.
  • Next week we hit our goal of six months which means a transfer (to a city) is now an option.  But will we put in for one immediately, we honestly don't know.  We don't quite know what is right for us yet.  We're trying to figure out a place that feels "right" to establish ourselves permanently.  Thatcher is great to raise a family, but it is just so small.  (Though living in a house in Thatcher has made a nice difference compared to the squishy/cozy apartment in Safford that we lived in at first.)
  • We went on a noteworthy Razor ride wherein I swear Todd almost ended our lives!!
  • We have a gecko in our house.  Do they eat scorpions by chance?
  • We don't have a Christmas tree yet.  I'm devastated!!!  Though Christmas music is blaring on a daily basis.
  • We're looking at running a Jingle Bell Run and/or a New Year's Eve run (one option is NYE morning, one is NYE night where you cross the finish line shortly before midnight).  They are all in the valley.  Come run with!
  • I'm super happy with the winners of Dancing With the Stars!  Though I've only watched like four episodes on Hulu, they were my favs from the start and he is inspirational.  I followed along on good ole Zimbio.com, news for celebs.
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir comes to Phoenix in 2+ months.  You can get tickets here, or we can go together and make it a date night.  In a perfect world I would drag my dad home afterwards to see our kickawesome town.  :)
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  And thanks to those that included us, we are truly appreciative!  I can't believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone so quickly.  Thank goodness for the next month of holidays and more family time.  Love and miss you all.

Thanksgiving Thankfuls

11 Thankful Fors:
I was going to list 10 but lost count and then couldn't decide on which one to remove.  So simply stated:

  • The Gospel-  Scriptures, prayer, standards, our LDS community, temples, eternal marriage, the prophet

  • Marriage-  A genius idea.  My hubby is my favorite person ever!!

  • Family/Friends-  Those whom surround us and constantly bring us up.  And our super cute nieces.

  • Jobs/Income-  The ability to pay our bills.

  • Sunshine- A sunny day is such a happy day.

  • Music- My parents always had music on while growing up, and so many songs remind me of certain things/places/memories.  I want to do the same with our family.

  • Animals-  I love them!  I miss my puppy.  Manzanillo has some really sickly wild dogs roaming.  Some had tumor growths and were diseased.  I wanted to run and hug them.  It made me sad.

  • Life-  It has its trials, but the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.

  • Fitness-  Staying in shape, jogging, Crossfit, Zumba, the natural high and feeling great.

  • Internet-  The ability to stay in such close contact after having moved 13+ hours away.

  • Health/Health Care-  We're healthy, and that is a huge blessing.

Cruising Along Singin' a Song

We cruised the Mexican Riviera for nine nights on the Carnival Spirit, leaving the San Pedro (LA) Port, a port that I've never been to and was super amazing!!  Ben cruised the Mexican Riviera in January 2009 (on a singles cruise... which is essentially how I found his pictures all over Facebook that same month).  But alas, I've never been!

Our stops were Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo for two days, and Ensenada.  Mazatlan isn't safe right now so Ben just had to tell me about it.  Ah well.

It's like my camera threw up on my blog because there are lots of pictures in this post.  The fun and anticipated trip has come and gone, but the pictures and memories still make me happy.  Like my husband Ben.  =)

But first...the San Pedro Port.  A huge one.

Taking a picture with a sun hat on is hard when you're standing next to anybody.  But this is at our first stop... Manzanillo.

Downtown highrise anyone?  Penthouse suite maybe.

Manzanillo had really cool houses on the mountain/hillsides.  I wanted a panoramic shot, but there was another cruise ship parked in front of our balcony.  So we wandered the town and took a few shots.

Our cabin steward was a young guy named PUTU.  I wish I had a picture of him.  He was awesome.  I think "Ben" was easy for him to say, so he'd yell clear down the hallway "Beeeeeen!!!" and wave all frantically.
Puerto Vallarta panaramic shot from our balcony...

24/7 ice creaaam!!  I love this picture.  It looks blue screened.

Doing the limbo around the dining room.  Ben was too into his dessert to join me.  Or just too cool.  :)

Cabo was our favorite.  It is pretty pretty and some of the yachts were amazing.  I refused to take a water taxi to the walkable beach because it costs the same as these delicious drinks we had instead.  =)

Ben took a picture of this because he was chuckling about all the safety hazards.  And to get to the beach we had to walk right through the jobsite.  I felt like we should have had hard hats.

Lover's Beach is beautiful!!!  I couldn't even read my book because I just felt like I needed to be looking around the entire time we were there to soak it in.  And that's what I did.  So pretty!!  I only brought my little Canon because I worried about the water taxi ride (this was Cabo day #2).  Good thing because some ladies were full on belly flopping out of the taxis.  The whole water taxi system is hilariously a joke.  Ha.

Below is the other Carnival ship that was in Cabo on day one.  If you recall the Splendor, the ship that had a fire a year ago and spent four days being tugged back to shore while out of electricity, food, etc.  We met a lady in the hot tub who was on that ship.  The cruise we were on was her free one Carnival had given her after that disaster.  She told us quite the story about that "vacation" of hers.

We were in Ensenada on our Anniversary, but it decided to storm like a lot.  I think we spent the entire day in the hot tub and then napping.  Vacationing is hard work.  :)  Then we went to the steakhouse for deener.  Wahoo!

We both bought each other anniversary gifts from Teno without knowing it.  It's kind of turned into our jewelry brand that we adore.  And I had to throw some shoes in there.  They were on sale.  :)

This is what it looks like since you can't tell from the picture above.

We snapped pictures each time Ben had an ice cream.  Well, I missed 3, 4, 5 or so, but now he can print this off and bring it proudly to Crossfit and inform them of the true fatties we are.  ha
All in all it was soooo fun being together 24/7 and we're glad we were able to go!  We're going through major withdrawals and reality hit us in the face super hard come Monday morning.  Ya.  But that's basically our fun Anniversary trip!  Happy weekend before Thanksgiving time!  Hopefully everyone has fun plans!