Married a whole year!!

Next week is our first anniversary, on the 12th!  We will be celebrating, so I'm posting this now.  I really cannot believe it's been a whole year, and I can't believe that we have moved twice since then, and to Arizona.  But it has been the best year of my life by ten million billion fold times infinity million.  Hopefully Ben can say the same!
Not that it really matters, but the real invites had "12" written out.
I debated posting some of the journal entries from those couple of days leading up to and the big day as a "grand finale" post to our first year married blogbook, but as of now I think they won't make a public appearance.  I feel like those days were exceptionally unusual "pre-wedding days" in the fact that we were dealing with some extra and unexpected stress.

A year later looking back, I kind of can't believe we chose to go spelunking six days before the wedding.  It's true accidents rarely happen, but they can and they do ...and did.  Family had just started coming into town, so we planned a fun spelunking trip which as of now I view with absolute hilarity (and maybe still 25% wtf).  My sweet husband was on morphine, lortab, gaunt, green and not totally himself on our wedding day, and we lost a lot of money missing the first week of our honeymoon.  But it's funny because those things really don't matter.  It was still the happiest day and the ceremony was a complete tear jerker.  The ring exchange on the other hand...hilarious.  I don't know why we even bothered.

We started out with a bang and this past year has been breezy compared to what everyone tells us about the "first year of marriage," though I worry a lot more about him and I have him go to the traffic light instead of cross directly across the highway traffic, etc.  :)  Things are in perspective, I think.  My priorities have changed in this past year.  Happiness has soured.  The fragility of life has made itself clear.  All I want is to succeed, and I'm pretty 100% sure I speak for the both of us.  This eternal marriage is where we belong.  We belong together.

Here's to one year of marriage, nearly three years together, and an entire eternity ahead of us!  I love you sweetheart!!!

I think it appropriate to post our videos again.  Great memories of a great day.  Awh, I loved that fun day.  Good thing we bought all the raw video footage, because Ben probably doesn't remember it all.  lol

The wedding video and pictures were our best investment we are always going to be grateful to have.

Ben {+} Christy // Reception // Canterbury Place from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.

Ben {+} Christy // Salt Lake Temple Highlights from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.


  1. You two make a truly beautiful couple, and an outstanding example of happiness in married life. Happy anniversary to you and Ben! We love you guys.

  2. Happy anniversary!! That year went soooooo fast. Enjoy working on "Eternity"!