Thanksgiving Thankfuls

11 Thankful Fors:
I was going to list 10 but lost count and then couldn't decide on which one to remove.  So simply stated:

  • The Gospel-  Scriptures, prayer, standards, our LDS community, temples, eternal marriage, the prophet

  • Marriage-  A genius idea.  My hubby is my favorite person ever!!

  • Family/Friends-  Those whom surround us and constantly bring us up.  And our super cute nieces.

  • Jobs/Income-  The ability to pay our bills.

  • Sunshine- A sunny day is such a happy day.

  • Music- My parents always had music on while growing up, and so many songs remind me of certain things/places/memories.  I want to do the same with our family.

  • Animals-  I love them!  I miss my puppy.  Manzanillo has some really sickly wild dogs roaming.  Some had tumor growths and were diseased.  I wanted to run and hug them.  It made me sad.

  • Life-  It has its trials, but the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.

  • Fitness-  Staying in shape, jogging, Crossfit, Zumba, the natural high and feeling great.

  • Internet-  The ability to stay in such close contact after having moved 13+ hours away.

  • Health/Health Care-  We're healthy, and that is a huge blessing.

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