100 Mile Challenge - Complete!

This made me laugh!
I completed the 100 miles from Thanksgiving to Christmas challenge!

Here are my splits.  I'm proud that I made the time to do it.  A suuuuper good feeling!!
I finished 124/502.  I posted this pic (below) to show that somebody ran 470 miles in time I ran 100.  Intense.
Time to get fitted for new running shoes and some more attire (anti-chafe body glide?).  I sure love shoe shopping, but not for running shoes- you run that risk of having to buy ugly ones!!, and lately I've chafed and bled in places I never have before (hello bra and waistband areas).  It's hard to find the perfect attire and pair of shoes, and I have been developing some ankle pain in my current ones.  I think we'll go to Roadrunner Sports after our race next week.  The last one of the year!!!

But now it is officially Christmas time.  And 4 days until Christmas Day!!
Merry Christmas!


  1. That a great Challenge and you rocked it!! :) Good job :)

  2. Wow, Christy! That is so admirable. 100 miles in less than one month??? I wish I could say I'd run the many miles in the past several years combined!!

  3. COngratulations. This is awesome!!!! You rock mama. love keeping up with you and what your running status is......ohhh I totally have some of that sports glide and its kina greasy but I have hat problem in my armpits with chsfe if I don't use it:) xoxooxo Hanna

  4. Happy New Year. Awesome blog. I LOVE the wedding pics. It makes me think of Versailles in France.

    With chafing watch for the seams in the clothes. I chafe under my arms when my shirts have seams. The same could be true for the bras too. I've also found that Glide doesn't work for me but Aquafor does. Have fun shopping for clothes. I love running warehouse and need new gloves so I think I'll shop too!