December Documentations

We are no longer Scrouges!!  We got a lil tree!!  We're going to get a big tree at post Christmas sales because we're cheap and won't be spending Christmas here at the house, but I was dying not having anything to put my presents under.  Isn't it cute??  My husband is too good to me.  I am no longer devastated at the lack of tree-ness.  =)

Speaking of shoes, these are cute.  They would be perfect for a night out on the town (aka Copper Steer)!  I'm sure I could make room in the shoe room for some more shoes.  I'm a chronic and shoe stalker.

Saturday night I didn't fall asleep until almost SEVEN in the morning.  Crappy since our alarm was set for 7:30 to get ready for church.  Allllll night long I thought I might as well just get up and make some jello and watch Despicable Me since we live in this house and Ben probably wouldn't hear.  But I didn't, I indeed laid there all sad like that I couldn't sleep for no reason (I ended up with a four hour nap after church).

BUT living in a house is wonderful.  We have spent weekends here because we aren't so crammed up and feel like we need to get out.  Space=awesome (though cleaning three toilets sucks).

FYI-, where we print our books, doesn't like PNGs and makes them look crappy, so that is a bummer.  Back to jpg I guess.
Now that we live here, we see NB and the girls a lot more (even though we were only five miles east of here).  We took the girls to the CABOOSE and in her cute tiny voice, Ragan requested that she get "spinkles and aerials" on her ice cream.  So cute.  (And that place really does have some delicious ice cream.)
I took the challenge:  100 miles between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  One runner finished in FIVE days- that's crazy, and now she's over 200!!  I put a fancy motivational tracker on the side bar as I try.  I'm currently 187/499 runners.

The Jingle Bell Run is in less than two weeks.  We've promoted the idea to fellow friends, but no takers so far.  What could be more fun than running with jingle bells and a Santa hat?  Hello people.  We're also signed up for the Spartan in February and are in the process of building a team for that.  Team Nemesis.
And it's cold.  Winter has arrived even in Arizona.  It rained here while Utah had its hurricane weather, but now it's just chilly and boot weather or not, we're ready for summertime and POOLS!!!
19 days until Christmas (if I did the math right).


  1. such a cute pink tree, totally you! i can't believe Christmas is soooo close, where does time go?

  2. cutest lil pink tree there ever was! love the dreamy shoe picks too!