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This year we started our Christmas shopping early (last year I think we did most of it on Christmas Eve).   Remember the Beleiber poster?   The Kayla Barbie (named after Dil's gf)?  JUMBO marshmellows?  (We were on a just-spent-our-money-on-our-wedding, budget.)

We have about, I don't know, six...seven...HUGE malls right here in town, but we decided to do it all online anyways.  :)  We've had four packages in the mail yesterday and today so I'm getting so excited to give everyone their gifts!  I'm horrible at secrets, I just want to post all the goodness on here since I'm so far away and can't just hand it out at this time.  Killing me.

My dad/mom/hub have been asking what I want for Christmas.  I don't know if I've made a Christmas List since, like, elementary school when I was dying for the Bake 'n Oven or that Jeep Power Wheel (once James asked Santa for an umbrella and his own garbage can).

After some thought (and hubbin input), maybe a pink Garmin Forerunner 110.  We have one that when race time comes along we have to rotate who wears it.  Running a race without it makes a difference.

We'll be missing the fam roller party this year as we head back to AZ on that same day.  I hope to get the cousins together for a dinner (Red Robin again?) on somewhere abouts the 22nd/23rd if people are available.  Times are busy, and Jolie rolls into town on the 23rd, so maybe we can work something out.  Even lunch.

Miss you all.  And I hope everyone is okay and didn't suffer too much damage after your hurricane yesterday.  See everyone in Utah soon!

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