Mister Arm Update

Tuesday we were in Logan and had a follow-up on Ben's arm.  It's been close to 14 months since the accident.  The xrays show the bone graft is at 75%, so that's really, really good news!

In another 6-12 months Dr. King will re-evaluate.  The hardware may or may not come out, but that surgery probably wouldn't happen until 2013 after the arm is completely healed.  Dr. King says we will wait to determine all that.

Pretty much it all sums up to...we're blessed.  Ben has a near full functioning arm/hand, and I have a husband. And the most wonderful one at that.

And Christmas was beyond awesome.  Each year it somehow is better and better.  I'm officially depressed it is over and I miss Christmas music all day long!!  Thank goodness for family, pictures, memories...and my new awesome pink Garmin which I'll be going on my first run this afternoon with.  Wahoo!

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