Product Survey

This is a "product survey."  I did it like a year ago and never got around to finishing it.  Most of the stuff is still accurate.  Moving to a small Arizona town hasn't introduced me to many new things (scorpions).  :)

Face wash/cleanser:
Clean and Clear Oil-free Blackhead Eraser/Exfoliater + wash cloth

Face moisturizer:
Clean & Clear

Spot treatment:
10% Benzoyl Peroxide (I purchased a lifetime supply back when Grocery Outlet existed.)
Anything oil free.
The best overnight face tanner is the Neutrogena Sun Fresh (it's like Mystic for the face in lotion form!!).  I love the Banana Boat Summer Color for my legs.

They were both cheap from Walmart but harder to find these days.  I bought a bunch of them on Ebay to stock up.



Home Remedy, and what is it used for? 
I'm really not very creative.

Tinted moisturizer:
I don't use any.
Concealer for blemishes:

Concealer for under eyes:
I don't really get bags under my eyes.  But if I have use it, then it's BE.
I love Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Gilded or Two Faced Sun Bunny Light.

I don't wear a lot.  Usually Sephora brand.

Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance or their mineral veil, the one with a dewy finish.

I think I buy a new brand each month.  When I find one I like, it dries out too fast.  Annoying.

Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero and Dime, MAC Superslick Liquid (doesn't come off).  I alternate with drug store brands.  As long as I have shadow primer (including on my lower lashline), they work lovely.

I wear everything.  My "go to" brand is Urban Decay probably because of their cute-ness and palettes.  I collect UD, MAC, Two Faced, Lorac, Bare Escentuals, Sephora, Make Forever, Stila, and whatever else I can get my hands and wallet on.

Best invention ever...Urban Decay or Too Faced.  Without them my eyeshadow creases in just over an hour.  With them sometimes it lasts 24 hours.  Sometimes I'll sleep with it on the night before an early race, and wake up made up.  (I also sleep on my back because of neck problems, and don't roll around on my face.)

Face primer:
Benefit and Two Faced.  Love.

My favorite is the cheap and recently reinvented NYC Liquid Lipshine in Prospect Pink, or Maybelline's Lip Polish in Nude Flash.  I can't keep track of them for the life of me.  I also wore Urban Decay's Biker Chick on my wedding, but it's pretty discontinued...of course.  

MAC favorites:  Saint Germain, Myth, Honeylove (matte), Cyber
And Tarte- Lively (super hot pink)
I still have not officially tried out red.  Just pinks.

Whatever is in Ben's pocket.

Product for scrunching hair:
I haven't scrunched my hair forever since it's been short.

Product for straightening/curling hair:
Thermal Setting Spray:  Biolage

Leave in conditioner:
LOVE this.  Used it a ton when my hair was long.

Paul Mitchel daily, Nexxus daily, Neutrogena deep conditioner, etc.
Want to try out Bumble and Bumble next.  Tis what my stylist uses on me.

Deep conditioning mask:
The Last Call smells delicious.  I always want a taste.

Hairstyle for summer:
I think for AZ summers I have to have my hair long enough for a tiny pony because of the heat.

Hairstyle for everyday:
By 3pm my hair is in a ponytail ready for my run or a gym class (wherein it is usually drenched after).  Weekends I try to wear it down.  If you're local, come to Local Edge Fitness.  That is my plug.  =)

Hair accessory:
All of them!!  I love them.  Headbands, flowers, so forth!!

Any other random product/makeup to rave about:
Aveda's hair potion keeps your hair from falling flat at the roots.  Big Sexy makes a cheaper version.  Or there's a spray version my hair lady uses on me.

Aveda's Control Paste doesn't make your hair greasy like the rest.  My hair doesn't need anymore oil in it!!  Fine hair + oil = disaster.

Furterer dry favorite from Sephora.

TRESemme has a cheap $4 dry shampoo called "Freshstart" that can be found at Wal-Mart.  It has a slight baby powderish smell, but it still is way cheaper.

I swear by Big Sexy root pump and recently Bumble and Bumble thickening:

Tadah.  That was fun.

And another plug for our tree.  I put on candy canes and added presents and am so happy about it I took another picture.  It is cute.

Have a lovely weekend.
The end.

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  1. I love Biolage products...never found anything that tamed my curly hair like their Gelee does! And I've always loved the clean and clear, too.

    Kristina J.