Race Day - Jingle Bell Run

The Jingle Bell Run was Saturday morning in Glendale.  Ben and I were both feeling pretty pumped about this one (we love stuff like this).  I bought some bells and a Santa hat/beanie for our holiday festive-ness.  I read we had to beat Santa to be entered into the raffle.  Santa was pretty hilarious running in his suit and beard.  I don't think he could see very well with it bouncing up in his eyes.
I like to run distance, but I'm not very quick.  Recently I decided to work on pushing my pace and start focusing on setting some time PRs instead of distance, especially if I'm going to be doing more racing this upcoming year.  The fun thing about this is I have PR'd each race as I push myself a little harder.  The Garmin has been a huge contributor to me beating my times.  We'll see how long until I plateau.  The next race is New Year's Eve, a Resolution Run.

Here are the bells on my ankles.  They gave us little bells to safety pin around, but the bells I ordered from Amazon were suuuper awesomer.  And the tee shirt designs were suweet.

Ben shaved 19 seconds off his Turkey Trot time and came in with a 20:55 with a 6:40 average pace (geez mister!!).  Not too shabby for somebody whom hated running until last year.
I shaved 2 minutes 11 seconds off my Turkey Trot, and 41 seconds off my latest PR.  I came in at 25:29 with an 8:13 average pace.
I came out of the shoot too quickly (oooof course) with a sub 7 minute, and the last 1/2 mile I definitely paid for it.  But it was lots of fun, especially after.  It's so fun to cross with my hub there cheering me on.  And one of my favorite things about races are all the people cheering you on, even if they don't know you.  People are great.
People are also amazing.  I was beat by like a 70 year old!  If that's not motivation for the next race, I don't know what is.  70 years old, seriously?  A-mazing.

Our picture in the AZ Central (we're so famous lol), and a slide show of a few other pictures:  http://www.azcentral.com/commphotos/azcentral/21053/11/ 

ONE WEEK to Christmas.


  1. YOU TWO are so cute first of all and second I know I have visited a few times bfore but I don't want to loose track of you Your going on my blog roll ASAP and htank you so much for the advice about he running website. Will definitely check it out.

    xooxoxo Hanna

  2. Thanks for joining my "100x Challenge". In order to track the progress, I created an excel sheet. I will email you the link, please email me at c.demetz(at)gmx(dot)de