Race Day - Retro Run

Race recap...

We had our 10k race, the Retro Run, on Saturday and it was awesome!  We woke up at 4:40 to get our booters clear out there in time for start, and I thought it gave us plenty of time to try and tame those pre-race jitters.  I had time to eat plenty of my bread, my delicious pre-race snack.
The best part of the race...Ben and Ryan.  Not only were they dressed the part, they somehow transformed when they put on those retro clothes.  It was funny!  Goobers.
I talked my friend, and hairstylist, into coming along!!  Tara was married in the SL temple a year and a half before Ben and me.  She's from Provo/Logan, and a runner too!!  Small world!!  I LOVED having a friend join in that runs a similar pace to me.  So much fun!!
The course twisted and turned and went around a big pond twice.  It was really pretty.  The hills were fun until about the 5.5 mark, then I was feeling pretty spent on even the little ones.
Ben lost his satellite at 6.02 which was a HUGE BUMMER.  I modified his final Garmin time to reflect his bib time, but since my bib time was 5 seconds slower than my Garmin, we will never know his exact new PR time.  But he was still happy with his bib# PR, 45:13.  His strategy was to take each mile average about 15 seconds quicker than the last, and he came out 2nd place for his age group, 30-39.  Great job!
I felt great during this race!!  The goal was to stay sub 8:45 for each mile which would be a PR of sub 55.  I ended up averaging 8:34, with a 53:03 finish time.  I made it up to 5.5 miles without getting too tired, so I feel like the next 10k I can start stronger and keep it sub 8:30.  I love seeing progress.

I also took 2nd place in my 20-29 age group.  Ben and I both ended up with medals!  Tara came in for 3rd place, so all three of us medal-ed!  That was exciting!
An example of the terrain we ran.  It really was a pretty route.
I have never run in tights before.  I originally had some sweet bright blue socks on, but switched for my compression socks last minute.  I was surprised at all the thongs we saw (thongs OVER leggings thank goodness), it was hilarious.  One lady ran with a boombox on her shoulder the entire time.  She won some sort of costume award...as she should!!
I shouldn't compare our times, but I do.  Ben is superman!
I actually won a raffle!
Our next race is the Super Spartan on the 11th (which I might have recruited Tara too).  We're looking to add maybe the Nun Run to our schedules in March.  It's the same company and same place as this one, with an option of 5 or 10k!  We enjoy Four Peaks races in between marathon training.  They are just all around fun times.  Come joooooin.

Have a happy week!!

You had me at ..."Friend Request"

(The title was really the subject of one of Ben's emails!!  haha! awwh)

I think it's known I added my husband on Facebook.  I seem to remind everyone when that time comes around to reminisce again because that was such an exciting [and mysteriously freaky] time in life.  We'll be 85 and I'll be like, "remember 60 whatever years ago, today..."  This time it's been three years ago today that I found that hottie in some Facebook album, and randomly added him.  Score.

Then I denied it.  lol

"Oh please, I think you should just admit that you won a bet and as a prize you were able to be my new friend!  This whole 'I added you but don't remember' line is kinda cheesy!  I've heard that the direct 'hi, my name is _____, so nice to meet you' works just fine but this not so subtle 'accident' is kinda fun too!  Haha!  Jk!  Ok ...You have more shoes than many small countries, you have a ridiculously rad music video and like to lie about being an online predator.  What else should I know, before I develop a crush?"

I wrote a [sappy slash boring] song and he wrote me a poem.  The day I met him in person, 2/20/2009, he was sitting at the airport, hoodie zipped all the way up, baseball hat pulled down, totally scouting me out on the escalator before I could spot him.  Truth!!  And you thought I was shallow for adding him purely off his looks.  lol
I like you a lot Ben.  Thanks for giving this online predator a chance.  :)

I think I've posted this poem before, but I think it deserves a spot in two blogbooks?  My husband always makes me laugh.

"Uh oh"
written by Ben (on 2/3/09)

"Something is wrong,
Like a man in a thong.
I don't know what it is,
Wtf, what the shiz?
My mind can't focus,
On all my hocus pocus.
The mountain of work is calling,
But still I find I'm falling.
Where is my head at?
Plz come back, I need u stat!
Why can't I think?
Get me a drink,
I need some h2 oh,
I'm moving way too slow.
Oh wait, put down that tissue,
I know what's my issue.
The reason for my blank stare,
Its sitting right there.
I want so bad to take a look,
At my effing facebook.
To see if there's some emails,
From sexy sweet miss Hales!!

"1.27.2009" has a very creative name, indeed.  The song has some tweaking/dynamic changes that one day I will work on, but it is the one I wrote at the time so it has some silly sentimental value.  If I feel both ambitious and patient, I will one day orchestrate it.
Tomorrow is the 10k race and we have recruited some friends and it will be a lot of fun.  I have never run in tights and Ben has never run in women's shorts.  And I highly doubt Ryan has run in pink shorts before.  Doesn't a Retro Run sound like fun??  You should join us!!

Have a great weekend!!!

LILASH!! I have eyelashes!!

I did the math and I guess I lied.  I started using LILASH on the 29th of December, so that puts me at less than four weeks using it!!  I'm not sure, but I think it says about six weeks to your maximum length, and then you use it 2-3 times per week to maintain.  A tube last 6 months, but I've heard people say it has lasted a year.

I FORGOT to take a "before" picture, but I pulled one from our cruise in November which is obviously before!!  Poor lil stubbies.

So I used ZERO PHOTOSHOP here, besides blurring the rest of me out.  It probably wouldn't have hurt to do an after picture BEFORE I worked out and got sweaty.  lol  Blurrrrr.
Isn't LiLash amazing??  Please don't tell me you can't tell a difference.  lol

Thank you mom for the Christmas present!!  I love it.

January Jabberings

Some random, unconnected thoughts...
  • I have been following two stories pretty religiously for the past couple of weeks (just ask my dear hubby).  The first one is Sherry Arnold, the missing jogger, and the second is the Concordia cruise ship (which I even dreamed we were on).  Both are stories about devastating happenings, and they just make me sad.  And to think how avoidable the cruise disaster could have been.  As more information comes out about why and how the ship hit, I can't believe somebody could be so careless with a boat full of 4200+ people.
Sherry went missing while on a Saturday morning jog around her neighborhood.  She was a cancer survivor which lead her to become a runner.  This is a picture I found of her and her hubby.  I had hoped and hoped for her safe return, but six days of searching later, it was over.  Ugh her poor family.
Two men are being held, and details have been pretty withheld, but I'm really hoping for as much "justice" as can possibly be served.

I'm amazed at the damage to the hull of the Concordia.  This happened even with all the technology we have at our hands, which is pathetic.  That is not a little damage.  It was avoidable and cost at least 12 lives, with possibly another 20.
Cruise pictures found here.

  • I walked in the garage and my eyes (they are like full time scorpion radars) instantly spotted mister scorpion, clear up high on the wall.  Ben stood on the truck with the broom covered in sticky tape while I shrieked with shriekness.  My phone froze so you never do get to see the big scorpion.  He is squished now.  I should have taken a picture.

  • You will have to wait and see what we came up with for Ben to wear to the Retro Run.  lol oh ya.  I give it an A+.  Saturday he set a 10k PR of 47:49, with a 7:42 average pace!!  My goal is a sub 55 with an 8:50 average pace.  I would LOVE to run a 10k at an 8 minute average pace, but that's a little out of my range right now.  Ben's buddy Ryan will be joining us for this race.  I wonder what his attire will be.

  • After debating on which race for a long time, it looks like we're planning a trip up north, in April, for the Salt Lake City Marathon (hopefully it happens even after the whole director resigning issue...bah)!  We have recruited my brother, Dallin, and my dad to run 5ks, and possibly even Liz and Colter, my inlaws.  I am using Hal Higdon's Training found here, and just finished week five.  
Ben will probably only run once a week between the Spartan and then, and run the half marathon with ease.  To be a man...

  • If you want longer eyelashes and don't want to deal with the money and maintenance of extensions, try LiLash.  I'm on week #5 and am amazed that my lil stubbies are actually long!!!  I was afraid to try some of the others because of the chance of darkening my eye color, but LiLash doesn't risk that.  It is one of the most pure lash extenders.  I will post some personal pictures soon.

  • New shoes, new shirt, completely ready in Christmas attire!  Seriously I went two week without getting all ready, it sucked.  The joys of working from home in my jammies, and spending every afternoon/evening in my workout stuff.  My hair seriously grew in that time.  It needs a choppin'.

  • The Arizona Super Spartan Race is less than three weeks away.  Currently Team Nemesis has about 11 on it (give or take one, I can't remember), and the only female is...ME.  We had one other, but she was injured at the PF Chang's last weekend (sad!!), so now I'm flying female solo.  This race has scared away the female CrossFit-ers here or something, but I think the race hype is more than it should be!  It won't be that bad, and I would love to find a lady to join the team, or another female/s running the 11:00 heat.  I don't think I can keep up with the men on the team; I guess we will see.  Crazy enough, my dad might be able to come watch as the Motabs will be in town that weekend.

  • January's 100x challenge of running 100k is dwindling down, and February's challenge is 100 push-ups per week, which is about 15 a day.  If you're wanting to work on your push-ups, head here to join and get the link to the spreadsheet.

  • We have a hard time dealing with the idea of having to get up really early to drive to a Saturday race, or having to mooch off somebody's hospitality since we live out of the valley where all the racing happens (a big thank you to those that have let us stay with you/at your condo time and time again).  But we are quite blessed with beautiful "winter" weather here, which allows us a nice Sunday walk to the Post Office.  The weather seems to be a constant low 60s and sunny.  
I have already forgotten what it's like to deal with snow, and though we adore Salt Lake City so much, I hope we don't have to deal with driving in it again.  It was stressful.

    Did you see this video from YESTERDAY?  It was circulating Facebook.  Insane.
    • And "before" and "after" pictures of Ben's truck lights.  Thank you Dallin!  It looks pretty cool.

    Happy Sabbath!  And have a lovely week.

    For the locals, mark Saturday, March 3rd for a local charity 5k run.  $20.  Fun and for a good cause.

    2012 Resolution Time

    On NYE we set some goals/resolutions for 2012!  Ben and I are quite alike in this area.  We believe having detailed goals and tracking our success rates on a daily basis is just so thrilling.  Spreadsheets and graphs are great tools for tracking things, and I probably succeed at many a goals solely (well maybe not solely) to see the graph/spreadsheet completely filled.  That is a satisfying trophy and a motivator for the next goal!

    Re-cap, re-occurring, and some newbie goals for 2012  (holy cow did we really get married in 2010).  Insanity.


    • #1- Workout/ stay in shape-  Success!!
    • #2- Scripture studies and prayers with Ben-  Semi success!
    • #3- Cook dinner for Ben!-  Success!!
    • #4- Get back into recording my music-  Not so successful!!
    • #5- Make a specialized budget-  Success!  (Only one exclamation point though.  We have to stick to it next...)

    Sooooo 2012 New Year Resolutions:
    #1-  Scripture studies and prayers!!
    Our 2012 goal is everyday.  So far so good!

    #2-  Stick to our budget!!  Save more money this year!
    We liked to go over on groceries and it added up.  Eating healthy is expensive (especially these days).  We make grocery lists ahead of time, and we've started literally calculating everything as we put it in the cart (which actually weeds out all those extra snacks and unnecessary purchases...though somehow a pack of Monsters still made it in the cart).  Sounds like a lot of work, maybe, but it's kind of fun to watch us save money, and we both love calculating things.  haha

    #3-  Record my music (my goal)!!
    All these songs in my head are going to be lost forever if I don't take the time to record them.  I'm also still looking for that creativity boost that "bad dates" used to give me.  And I'd like to actually 100% complete a CD one of these days.

    #4-  Stay fit!!
    Just stay fit somehow during the next year.  It's important to be fit for our own selves, and for each other!  It makes us feel good and it is addicting.

    #5- Figure out and work towards where we want our permanent residence to be!!
    We originally planned to transfer to Phoenix, but it seems there isn't a lot of positive feedback regarding working at the company headquarters (unless, of course, stressful 80 hour work weeks sound pleasant).  We are in a bind.  Do we try our shots with Phoenix?  It doesn't get anymore laid back than Ben's office here, but we. need. the. city.  Chipotle.  Oh I miss Chipotle.

    Anyways, I follow a great blog about making changes in life, etc.:  The Change Blog.  It has some really great posts about patience, going after something in life, honesty, setting goals, making career changes, etc.  It is a blog I feel like I gain some knowledge after each time I read it.

    Other miscellaneous goals:
    • Read 25 books (that would have been an easy goal before I got an Ipad)
    • Set PRs in all distances
    • Put more $$ in the Porsche fund for mister Ben
    • Keep a more organized house (I've been following tips from here, especially "put it all away everyday,"  the second #5...there seem to be two #5s.)
    • Journal once a month (LDSJournal.com)
    • Show how grateful I am to others
    • Remember how happy life is and be that person with the "glass half full."

    2012 is going to be full of lots of goodness for our family of two, AND full of Summer Olympics yay.  Here's to hoping for all around SUCCESS.

    Year 2011!

    I was going to do a "quick" year end post but ended up looking through lotttts of pictures, then blogbooks, then the wedding pictures, and then the wedding videos.  Blogging really is a great invention.  I always say I wish my parents had blogbooks for us to look through.  I wonder what they were like before us kidlets came along.

    2011 was awesome, busy, chaotic at times, but I think it was a lot more chill than our absolutely crazy 2010 was.  I'm sad to see another year go by so quickly, but 2012 will be awesome!!  Who knows where we'll end up this year?

    February:  Ben and I celebrated two years since we physically met in Vegas, February 20, 2009.

    March/April:  We road tripped to Vegas and Arizona.  The day before we left to head home, Ben got a job interview request phone call from that same area we were visiting.  Random.

    April:  Playing the piano at ...I always forget the name, Apple Village?  A rest home in South Ogden with the cutest old people.

    April:  Easter egg contest with the family.  I won for the first time ever.

    April:  Shortest hair cut of my life.  Too bad it grows so fast.  I will do it again.

    April:  Rode bikes out to Antelope Island with the fam.

    May:  We visited my mom on Mother's Day up at Snowbasin where she plays the piano.

    May:  Hollywood Undead Concert at Saltaire!

    May:  New tires for the truck.  Ben had drooled over them for a lonnnng time.

    May:  Learned how to shoot HDR.  This is Daybreak.

    May:  My last day at work after five years.  Turns out I still work for them via satellite, so ya.

    May:  Packing my shoes.  Packing more shoes.  Lottts of shoes.

    May:  Last fam trip to Park City before we moved.

    May:  Trip to the Kenecott Copper Mine.

    May:  Preparing to leave my sweet Mini Italian Greyhound in Utah with my family.  Ugh.

    June:  Moving from Utah to Arizona just in time for the heat!

     June:  Turns out AZ is beautiful.

    June:  St. David memory trip for my hubby.

    June:  TOMBSTONE

    June:  Hanging with the nieceys.

    July:  Arizona MONSOONS and thus fire

    July:  Lake Powell trip with the fam!

    July:  Turns out the 24th of July is huge out here.

    July:  My hot man turned 33!

    August:  We bought a new car!

    August:  We continued to live in the pool/water!

    September:  Quick Utah trip for work/my birthday.

    September:  Hubby took me to Valley Ho for my birthday!

    September:  We began racing in our new area.  9/11 Freedom Run

    September:  Visiting Ryan in Flagstaff.

    October:  We moved from our lil apartment to a house.

    October:  My mom flew in to visit us for a week!

    November:  We cruised for our 1st Anniversary!  It was so so so much fun!!!

    November:  We ran the Turkey Trot with friends!

    December:  Ben and I started the Spartan WODS to prepare for February's Super Spartan.

    December:  My husband was [a skinny] Santa!!

    December:  We ran the Jingle Bell Run and set PRs.

    December:  Utah Christmas with all the familia!

    Last day of 2011:  New Year's Eve Resolution Run
    Here's to a happy 2012!  And happy Monday!

    I didn't know it was supposed to rain around these parts, but it's a change in pace.