2012 Resolution Time

On NYE we set some goals/resolutions for 2012!  Ben and I are quite alike in this area.  We believe having detailed goals and tracking our success rates on a daily basis is just so thrilling.  Spreadsheets and graphs are great tools for tracking things, and I probably succeed at many a goals solely (well maybe not solely) to see the graph/spreadsheet completely filled.  That is a satisfying trophy and a motivator for the next goal!

Re-cap, re-occurring, and some newbie goals for 2012  (holy cow did we really get married in 2010).  Insanity.


  • #1- Workout/ stay in shape-  Success!!
  • #2- Scripture studies and prayers with Ben-  Semi success!
  • #3- Cook dinner for Ben!-  Success!!
  • #4- Get back into recording my music-  Not so successful!!
  • #5- Make a specialized budget-  Success!  (Only one exclamation point though.  We have to stick to it next...)

Sooooo 2012 New Year Resolutions:
#1-  Scripture studies and prayers!!
Our 2012 goal is everyday.  So far so good!

#2-  Stick to our budget!!  Save more money this year!
We liked to go over on groceries and it added up.  Eating healthy is expensive (especially these days).  We make grocery lists ahead of time, and we've started literally calculating everything as we put it in the cart (which actually weeds out all those extra snacks and unnecessary purchases...though somehow a pack of Monsters still made it in the cart).  Sounds like a lot of work, maybe, but it's kind of fun to watch us save money, and we both love calculating things.  haha

#3-  Record my music (my goal)!!
All these songs in my head are going to be lost forever if I don't take the time to record them.  I'm also still looking for that creativity boost that "bad dates" used to give me.  And I'd like to actually 100% complete a CD one of these days.

#4-  Stay fit!!
Just stay fit somehow during the next year.  It's important to be fit for our own selves, and for each other!  It makes us feel good and it is addicting.

#5- Figure out and work towards where we want our permanent residence to be!!
We originally planned to transfer to Phoenix, but it seems there isn't a lot of positive feedback regarding working at the company headquarters (unless, of course, stressful 80 hour work weeks sound pleasant).  We are in a bind.  Do we try our shots with Phoenix?  It doesn't get anymore laid back than Ben's office here, but we. need. the. city.  Chipotle.  Oh I miss Chipotle.

Anyways, I follow a great blog about making changes in life, etc.:  The Change Blog.  It has some really great posts about patience, going after something in life, honesty, setting goals, making career changes, etc.  It is a blog I feel like I gain some knowledge after each time I read it.

Other miscellaneous goals:
  • Read 25 books (that would have been an easy goal before I got an Ipad)
  • Set PRs in all distances
  • Put more $$ in the Porsche fund for mister Ben
  • Keep a more organized house (I've been following tips from here, especially "put it all away everyday,"  the second #5...there seem to be two #5s.)
  • Journal once a month (LDSJournal.com)
  • Show how grateful I am to others
  • Remember how happy life is and be that person with the "glass half full."

2012 is going to be full of lots of goodness for our family of two, AND full of Summer Olympics yay.  Here's to hoping for all around SUCCESS.


  1. I am so inspired by your resolutions! I need to set some goals for myself and am definitely going to be copying some of yours. :)

  2. Yea to the Summer Olympics. I'm very excited for them.

    Your resolutions sound good. I like you watch what your spend for grocery shopping. I dislike grocery shopping and cooking so we eat out more than we should. I know if I were to make a list and plan it would be better.

    Chipotle is really good. I just had it last week for lunch.

    I have a goal to read 100 books and signed up for a website that tracks the books and I can't find it. I see your sidebar for a reading challenge and I'll have to check that out.

  3. Great goals for 2012! Love the idea of recoding your own CD! That's soo cool! :)

  4. I feel the same way about push ups!!! They hurt, but we can do it, right? :)