2012 Running Goals

A month ago I set some great 2012 running goals but found I've been hesitant to post them because so far January has been challenging, and I have suddenly felt intimidated by my own goals.  Publicly posting them may be added motivation for me to get back on track, so here goes...

2012 Running Goals:
  • Run 1000 miles this year- preferably all outdoors!
  • Run 12 half marathons- they don't have to be races
  • Sign up for a marathon- I say sign up because of the three I really want to do, one is this weekend, one was a couple weeks ago, and the third one is sold out until 2013
  • Remain injury free even if it costs me a goal.

Up to now:
  • I bought the Asics 2170s and they are comfortable.  I like a minimalist shoe, but I like happy ankles and knees more.  It feels like I'm running in cinderblocks and the first running week of the year was slow.  I had one decent run, but I think I'm adjusting!!
  • Saturday I woke up puking and I didn't stop until evening Monday right before I was teaching my first RIPPED class (didn't use my barf bag- wahoo!).  I haven't been that sick since I can remember.  I even took a pregnancy test because it's not like me to be so sick.
  • I can keep food down now, but the bug has moved to my head so I have balloon head/etc.  The goal is to not fling snot in Ripped tonight when I quickly move my head!
  • I was 1.4 miles short of my weekly goal for the first week of 2012, and I'm on my way to missing the goal for week two.  Week three I'll hit it hard!
  • There is the 43 year old jogger that disappeared while jogging, and it has stuck in my mind and has kind of put a damper on things running-wise.  I really hope they find her soon, and that she is okay.  I feel horrible for her family, and after five days officials are still at a loss of what could have happened.  These scenarios are why I have always chosen to run on the main street, and I always, always run with jogger's mace strapped to my hand.

  • I joined Christine's 100x challenge, and this month it is 100k.  It's still not too late if you would like to join, especially if you're already logging runs.  She'll send you a link to the spreadsheet and you update it as you log your runs, and you can see other's updates and their blog addresses.

  • This schedule I took this from the club's website, so I believe it to be the updated one!  So locals come work out!!!  (Click to enlarge.)  They have made some changes to the interior, and are continuing to add classes like CrossFit and Spin!!

Happy 2012 fitness and running.  :)


  1. Oh wow I don't know how you can finish those goals but good luck! Its got to be hard but so worth it though. I don't think I can do that.

  2. Love, love, love your goals. Especially the part about not getting injured even if you have to take it easy a little bit! such great advice. I also need to start carrying mace. That is so scary!!!

  3. Great goals and thanks for mentioning my challenge! This challenge really helped me to get motivated and running! :)

  4. Hi Christy, thanks for your comment on my latest post. Yes, everything stays the same with the blog, it just looks nicer and more "professional" with the .com. I bought my website through godaddy.com and it was SO easy! I can really recommend it!