The first attempt at the picture above I must not have been paying attention because it turned out saying, "Merry Christy."  haha  I'm smart.

So I get a little sad on Christmas Eve just knowing the end of the season is so near.  I wish I wasn't one to think like that, but it all goes by so quickly and you almost have to focus to soak it all in.  Looking at pictures and reminiscing of life's enjoyable moments is a wonderful way to quickly cheer up the post Christmas blues.

Christmas highlights...And I apologize to my mom and sis because I don't have pictures of you two from Christmas day?  I guess most of my picture taking occurred Christmas Eve.  Kind of a bummer.
So you're probably wondering what that jellyfish picture has to do with Christmas.  Well I got stung by a Portuguese Man of War in 2000..something, the first time I ever got in the ocean. Like less than five minutes is all it took before that blue thing was wrapped around my arm...then hand as I tried to peal it off...and then leg.  My family had been swimming alllll week long, but I have always been afraid of the big ocean so I choose to sunbathe.  I finally got in!!

So the joke lives on and my sis blue screened the above pic.  The welts/scars on my arm faded almost two years later.  Permanently visible scars would have been sweet, but oh well.

My dad surprised me with this awesome jellyfish tank.  Haha.  And it looks pretty realistic too.  Awesome!
My family always talks about the days BONBONS were sold at FJH, so I tracked them down for my brothers.  Turns out I should have bought some for Jolie too, because she was excited about them!
Ben got me drinking Monster.  I got Dallin and James.  James got his BYU KEI.  haha
I bought Ben a personalized by Brandon Sanderson, hardcover set of the Mistborn trilogy.  He loves Brandon Sanderson's stuff.
I love my dad.  He pulls the tree out each year, sets it on a box, and nobody even bends the branches or decorates it.  It's fiber optic so it sparkles at least.  He also doesn't label or color code the presents to nobody can guess which ones are theirs.  He goes strictly of his memory.

We got a new knife set.  Ben was so excited that he cut his finger open the first day we used them.  Hahaha  I love my special hub.

We bought my dad the Lord of the Rings Extended Version Blu-Ray box set because he wanted it.  When we got to Utah we saw the Lord of the Rings Extended Version DVD box set sitting there and were like, "what! he already has this??  Dangit, that kind of sucks."

Then my dad opened it and was so excited!!!  I guess he has to have the Blu-Rays.  haha  My cute dad and his technology.

I came out of it all with some sweet new kicks for the shoe room.  I really ought to count my shoes about now.
The tree is still up (taking it down enters the final phase of post Christmas blues).  Turns out my mom and Jeff had a lot of fun at Hobby Lobby and thus the tree came out with 20 more shoe ornaments.  Since the tree is yay big, it is dripping with shoes.  Awesome!
We went up to Logan the day after Christmas.  It was nice to see Ben's family and it seems everyone is doing well.  He has a really large family, so people are getting married and having babies what seems like often, so you miss a lot in a few months of living elsewhere (two weddings and two hospitalizations/accidents in five months).

But Logan was freezing as.  I thought I might die.  Props to the cold weather runners.  Props to you.  There were many out and about this day.  How do they do it.  (Check out my sweet new round Teno ring.)
I love Christmas.  Debbie Downer says January wins for the depressing month of the year.  Mid winter, post Christmas, broke as, vacation usually a ways off, family visits far off, and spring break hasn't applied since college.  Since another Christmas has come and gone, we'll be looking forward to the Retro Run in less than three weeks!!  Meanwhile I'm really trying to adjust to my new shoes by then.  That might be a separate post itself.  How January so far has been out to get me and my running goals.

I hope everyone else has fun things to look forward to.  Makes a difference.  Christmas is the best.  Thank you everyone that helped make this one so wonderful.


  1. what a fun time with the fam! Christmas is always the best! WHERE DID YOU FIND BON BONS??? Seriously, I want to buy some!! Please share!!

  2. Love your dad's tree! That's totally my style. :) Sometimes I wish there wasn't so much hype around decorating for the holidays.

    How big are Jolie's Italian Greyhounds? The look big to me in the picture!

    P.S. I need in on your Bon Bon location secret...

  3. I love that jelly fish thing, its cool looking. And I think that is awesome with your dad, I don't think I could do that with the presents. And I know what you mean about taking the tree down and having the Christmas blues but I don't think your tree looks Christmas like. I think you should keep it up its cute with all the shoes on it.

  4. I love your dad's style of decorating the tree. Like one of your commenters, I wished there weren't so much hype about decorating for Christmas. A tree such suffice, right? I think spending time making cookies, laughing, and visiting are much more worthwhile.

    And yes, I believe Sherry Arnold was last seen at 6:30ish a.m. when she went out for a jog.

  5. I think January can be great! New beginnings... trying new stuff... right?! But you sure did seem to have a nice Christmas. The gifts were so cute (the "Oh Crop" one is funny).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Looks like I should have shared my source. I bought the BonBons at They were kind of frustrating to buy through, but the candy came and all turned out.

    Brooke- My sister has an over sized IG, and a FAT one, so they both make my Rykar look tiny. Rykar is even on the tall side, but he is also a really fit pup.

  7. what planet are you all from? is this a sitcom of something? why do you all have such perfect teeth>?