ChristmasEVEtime was here.

This was taken on the drive back home.  It was uneventful and lovely.
This year for Christmas we decided to drive the 13+ hours to Utah.  It was horrible.  lol  We left in the evening and were originally planning to stay the night in Flagstaff, but that fell through a couple days earlier.  At last minute it was either get a hotel or just keep on we kept on going!  Ben and I can be really cheap sometimes.

We pulled over in Page and slept for three hours, and then we pushed on full of Monster and blasting Sirius least part of the time.  Seriously I was enjoying myself at this moment.  Christmas music rocks.

The mountain pass from Panguitch to I-15 was just a blizzard.  I-15 was worse.  We drove in a blizzard for four hours, mostly darkness.  The lovely Arizona car dealer filled our wiper fluid with water, so ya, frozen.  That didn't help.  My old car was All Wheel Drive and our Honda is front.  But it did pretty well I'd say.

We pulled over on the ramp by some trucks and slept another hour and hoped to wait the storm out.  We woke up in the light and the plows were out.  Once we hit Provo there was no sign of snow at all!  Just our dirty car and memories of the worst drive we will never attempt again.

We were in the car 20+ lonnng hours.  I don't know, next time we'll UPS our gifts home and then fly or something.  Or maybe we'll live a couple hours closer by then.

But onto pictures.  We had to fit a whole ton of things into our vaca.  Time was ticking.  So leading up to Christmas Day...
Reunited with my puppy, Rykar!  When we got there, he could hear me in the garage and was whining and scratching at the door.  I love reunions!!  I played for him to sing numerous times.  I sure get a kick out of it, especially now that I don't live with him anymore.  :(

Dallin needed more money for Christmas presents, so my dad put him to work in the house.  Hmmm this was at like 10pm the day before Christmas Eve.  Haha.
Disneyland actually let Jolie come home for Christmas...gasp, but awesome.  She brought her mini Greyhounds Savvy and Comet!  We trained Comet to slither through the box.  It was quite hilarious.  The things puppies do for treats!!
We are lucky that my parents will both come to dinner for the sake of us kids.  I think we at least went out together twice as an entire family.  It was awesome!
Christmas Eve we got up and went to an early (10:00) breakfast at Ihop, and then the day was spent at my dad's with his side of the family doing traditions, and the night was spent at my mom's house doing more.  Traditions rock.

Below is Kei (pronounced "KAY").  He is from Japan and is friends with my brother at BYU.  Flying home for Christmas is too expensive so he was going to spend it alone and so James invited him up.  We LOVED having him!!  He was so gracious and fun to be around!  He was so surprised we even bought him presents.  It was cute.

One thing about Kei is he was born deaf.  My aunt Tracine happens to be an interpreter, and James also has learned, so Kei was able to participate in all of our family games.  My aunt read the traditional Left/Right game, WHILE signing it, and Kei was able to enjoy all of our traditions.  Luckily I know my alphabet, so I could communicate.  lol  But he reads lips/English quite well (especially for being Japanese), and at church he would read James' lips while the hymns played, and he would sign the words.  It was really awesome.  Kei rocks.  He currently teaches at the MTC and is an RM.

 My dad cut his hand (as he is showing) and it wouldn't stop bleeding so he bandaged it and wore a doctor's glove for a couple hours.  Hahaha  I was going to take a picture of the glove so he hurry and ripped it off.
This is Steve and Lacey's little Violet (they are below).  She's a doll.  And that Ivy sure is a mature and smart lil thing.  She made me smile.  It was nice to see some of the family we haven't seen in awhile.

The guessing game.  How many Christmas Reeses are in the container?  The total was 55.  Dallin and Ben guessed 54, and Lez and I guessed 56.  Four way tie!!

Christmas Eve wouldn't be complete without pajamas.  Disney pajamas...of course.  :)


  1. LOVVED seeing pictures of the Iggies; Comet, Savvy, and Rykar. Dang...arent' Italian Greyhounds the cutest?!? I'm so glad I have one, even though it's been the worst experience of my life trying to housebreak the darn thing. :|

    And by the way, my Dash doesn't sing with the piano!! Rykar is just very special and talented. :)

  2. I love this post. THIS is family right there! I bet you had a wonderful time.
    Love those dogs too. I like how you guys held those dogs like little babies. Too precious. And it was so sweet of your brother to invite Kei over for Christmas. I am sure he really appreciated it. :)