Race Day - Retro Run

Race recap...

We had our 10k race, the Retro Run, on Saturday and it was awesome!  We woke up at 4:40 to get our booters clear out there in time for start, and I thought it gave us plenty of time to try and tame those pre-race jitters.  I had time to eat plenty of my bread, my delicious pre-race snack.
The best part of the race...Ben and Ryan.  Not only were they dressed the part, they somehow transformed when they put on those retro clothes.  It was funny!  Goobers.
I talked my friend, and hairstylist, into coming along!!  Tara was married in the SL temple a year and a half before Ben and me.  She's from Provo/Logan, and a runner too!!  Small world!!  I LOVED having a friend join in that runs a similar pace to me.  So much fun!!
The course twisted and turned and went around a big pond twice.  It was really pretty.  The hills were fun until about the 5.5 mark, then I was feeling pretty spent on even the little ones.
Ben lost his satellite at 6.02 which was a HUGE BUMMER.  I modified his final Garmin time to reflect his bib time, but since my bib time was 5 seconds slower than my Garmin, we will never know his exact new PR time.  But he was still happy with his bib# PR, 45:13.  His strategy was to take each mile average about 15 seconds quicker than the last, and he came out 2nd place for his age group, 30-39.  Great job!
I felt great during this race!!  The goal was to stay sub 8:45 for each mile which would be a PR of sub 55.  I ended up averaging 8:34, with a 53:03 finish time.  I made it up to 5.5 miles without getting too tired, so I feel like the next 10k I can start stronger and keep it sub 8:30.  I love seeing progress.

I also took 2nd place in my 20-29 age group.  Ben and I both ended up with medals!  Tara came in for 3rd place, so all three of us medal-ed!  That was exciting!
An example of the terrain we ran.  It really was a pretty route.
I have never run in tights before.  I originally had some sweet bright blue socks on, but switched for my compression socks last minute.  I was surprised at all the thongs we saw (thongs OVER leggings thank goodness), it was hilarious.  One lady ran with a boombox on her shoulder the entire time.  She won some sort of costume award...as she should!!
I shouldn't compare our times, but I do.  Ben is superman!
I actually won a raffle!
Our next race is the Super Spartan on the 11th (which I might have recruited Tara too).  We're looking to add maybe the Nun Run to our schedules in March.  It's the same company and same place as this one, with an option of 5 or 10k!  We enjoy Four Peaks races in between marathon training.  They are just all around fun times.  Come joooooin.

Have a happy week!!


  1. Congratulations on your PR and 2nd place in your AG - that is fantastic!!! :) Love your outfits, btw. LOL

    1. Congrats to your PR and placement.
      I enjoyed this post - the blue sky, the colorful outfits. It makes everything so fast-paced, bright, cheery, and wonderful.

  2. Looks like a super fun race and you have very consistent pacing.

  3. I suddenly have the urge to wear lots of fluorescent colors?! Looks like a fun time. After the move (closing on Monday- hallelujah!), we are going to get in shape. Though we *may* not doing wearing 80's clothes. All the time anyway. :)

  4. You're so hardcore! I'm not a quick road-runner like you- but I do wish we lived close because it'd be fun to run together and do races together! That neon get-up is so my style! :) HUG to you, chica! miss you.

  5. AWESOME!!!! I love your outfits. So flippin cute:) Did those tights annoy you? So, I still can't belive you got 2nd place. THat's so amazing! I really enjoyed this post. Love hearing baout your running. I just bought 2 pair s of compression socks. Am goinn gto check them out:) Lucily because I'm a nurse, if I don't like them I can can just wear them as Ted hose:) HA.HA. I've also started looking into more races in my area. Just short ones but I think it wiull be good for me, plus their so fun!!! xoxooxo Hanna

  6. I read your interview at Bouffe e bambini, and had to come check out your blog. Congratulations on your run, and I love your outfit! Especially your hot pink leggings! I would love to be able to run one day, as soon as I convince myself to get off of the couch haha!

  7. i'm loving your blog! came over for a visit from hanna's loved your interview too! xo