Year 2011!

I was going to do a "quick" year end post but ended up looking through lotttts of pictures, then blogbooks, then the wedding pictures, and then the wedding videos.  Blogging really is a great invention.  I always say I wish my parents had blogbooks for us to look through.  I wonder what they were like before us kidlets came along.

2011 was awesome, busy, chaotic at times, but I think it was a lot more chill than our absolutely crazy 2010 was.  I'm sad to see another year go by so quickly, but 2012 will be awesome!!  Who knows where we'll end up this year?

February:  Ben and I celebrated two years since we physically met in Vegas, February 20, 2009.

March/April:  We road tripped to Vegas and Arizona.  The day before we left to head home, Ben got a job interview request phone call from that same area we were visiting.  Random.

April:  Playing the piano at ...I always forget the name, Apple Village?  A rest home in South Ogden with the cutest old people.

April:  Easter egg contest with the family.  I won for the first time ever.

April:  Shortest hair cut of my life.  Too bad it grows so fast.  I will do it again.

April:  Rode bikes out to Antelope Island with the fam.

May:  We visited my mom on Mother's Day up at Snowbasin where she plays the piano.

May:  Hollywood Undead Concert at Saltaire!

May:  New tires for the truck.  Ben had drooled over them for a lonnnng time.

May:  Learned how to shoot HDR.  This is Daybreak.

May:  My last day at work after five years.  Turns out I still work for them via satellite, so ya.

May:  Packing my shoes.  Packing more shoes.  Lottts of shoes.

May:  Last fam trip to Park City before we moved.

May:  Trip to the Kenecott Copper Mine.

May:  Preparing to leave my sweet Mini Italian Greyhound in Utah with my family.  Ugh.

June:  Moving from Utah to Arizona just in time for the heat!

 June:  Turns out AZ is beautiful.

June:  St. David memory trip for my hubby.


June:  Hanging with the nieceys.

July:  Arizona MONSOONS and thus fire

July:  Lake Powell trip with the fam!

July:  Turns out the 24th of July is huge out here.

July:  My hot man turned 33!

August:  We bought a new car!

August:  We continued to live in the pool/water!

September:  Quick Utah trip for work/my birthday.

September:  Hubby took me to Valley Ho for my birthday!

September:  We began racing in our new area.  9/11 Freedom Run

September:  Visiting Ryan in Flagstaff.

October:  We moved from our lil apartment to a house.

October:  My mom flew in to visit us for a week!

November:  We cruised for our 1st Anniversary!  It was so so so much fun!!!

November:  We ran the Turkey Trot with friends!

December:  Ben and I started the Spartan WODS to prepare for February's Super Spartan.

December:  My husband was [a skinny] Santa!!

December:  We ran the Jingle Bell Run and set PRs.

December:  Utah Christmas with all the familia!

Last day of 2011:  New Year's Eve Resolution Run
Here's to a happy 2012!  And happy Monday!

I didn't know it was supposed to rain around these parts, but it's a change in pace.


  1. L*O*V*E this post!! SUch great photos and I really feel like I got to know you better. Awesome post CHristy!!! So happy we met. I got a question for you. Let me see if I can find your email:)

    xoxoxo Hanan

  2. Shucks, can't find it. Well...I am wondering if you would like to participate in my brutal truth interview series? If not, no worries but I adore you and your blog and our love for running and I would love to feature you. Can you email me at "" Yes include the www.

    xoxoxo Hanna

  3. I am glad that the santa was your husband because I was getting a little bit worried that you were kissing a stranger...hahah!

  4. Christy, you are so darling. I love how you wear knee socks when you run! You look so jazzy. :)

    P.S. I think Dash's legs are like twice as long as Rykar's. No kidding. I'll sent you a picture!

  5. Amazing pictures!!! 2011 looks like a fantastic year, many good things happened for you :)