Freakin' February!

Happy Monday!  

We didn't do much this weekend, but it was nice.  Being bored with the hubby is just never that boring.

Anyways, I like to list my ramblings out...   ...starting with a pretty shoe.

  • We get to see my dad this weekend in Phoenix!!

  • The other week we went bowling for Ragan's birthday.  I think one game Mallory beat almost everyone.  They are pretty cute.  (Forgive my little Canon, once upon a time it took lovely clear pictures.)

  • Spin class opens a week from today!  The bikes are sweet (I took a picture but can't seem to find it anywhere), and the spin room is almost done and will be super cool.  I teach M-W-F morning's at 8:15, and M-W nights at 7:45 (with Ripped still at 6-7).

  • The Superbowl was extra lovely.  I haven't cared for it since college.  We brought chips and lemonade to the get together and almost everyone else brought healthy food because of a challenge they are doing.  Oops.  But Nate and Becky have a nice set-up to watch the game, and I enjoyed discovering the game Scramble With Friends.  Have you played it?  It is pretty fun.  You should find me.

  • Saturday I ran my first half marathon of 2012.  It went pretty well and my only lingering pain is the bruise from my phone in my hydration belt.  It took about 3-4 miles to adjust to running with a heavy hydration belt, but then I liked having the weight.  I handed it off to Ben at about mile 12 thinking I could get some more speed for the last mile, and I got a nasty side stitch and had to put it back on 1/4 mile later to make it go away.  Interesting.  My time was 2:08:06 and I had nine negative splits!
I ran around town a couple of times and ended up at the high school track for my last mile and a half where I met up with Ben and friends.  I do not recommend the boring track for the tail end of a long-ish run.

  • The Super Spartan is in 5 days, and the Motabs concert in Phoenix is in 5 days too!  We heard the Spartan course is completely new this year, with more water.  I guess my religious YouTube video watching of last year's course will do me no good.  

  • I'm writing background music for my brother's vlog, etc.  It has been fun.

  • The house now has blinds!  And a screen door that doesn't fit...I guess not all Home Depot workers know what they're talking about.  No more creepers looking in on us while we cook.

  • Our heater wasn't fixed until Saturday afternoon.  We turned it up to 78 degrees when they left!!  LET THERE BE HEAT.  It was about 60 in the house at that point, and gradually it went up to 70 degrees, and then gradually back down.  lol  It worked for a whole hour.  Our power bill is going to be awesome this month.

  • Ben arranged my work desk and put together a plan table for me.  I am pretty happy about it.  I have been spreading my plans out on stools or the kitchen counter which required a lot of getting up and walking back and forth.  Thanks Ben!  I love you!

  • Ben has the option to work a week of 4-10s each month, so with the race this weekend he decided on this one.  You're probably all glad it's this weekend because you won't have to hear me talk about it all the time anymore.  But I'm happy he has the day off without any PTO.

I think that's all for now.  Have a lovely, lovely week.


  1. those cookies look delicious! i must try them!!

  2. You always look so darn cute when you run:) ANy reason you chose hyrration belt over a camel back? Just curoious. I'll need one eventually!

    1. Thanks Hanna!!

      I haven't run with my Camelback before. I don't think I'd put anything but water in it though, too hard to wash out? I like the option of putting something with electrolytes in one of my bottles. But I really think it's just personal preference?

  3. Looking so cute in your running outfit.
    I am seriously impressed. Your love for shoes, an engineering job, write music for a vlog, and amazing cookies = seriously talented!
    That plus looking cute ... Your husband is a lucky man, don't you think?

    1. Thanks Christina! But I cannot take credit for the delicious cookies. Ben made those. I just started cooking last year, so I'm not really that good.

  4. Congrats on your first half of the year. The Spartan Race looks so awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Congrats on your half!! Great time and cute outfit. I'm jealous of the t-shirt and shorts! And what a cozy home office!! Nice :)

  6. ok so you write music, run marathons, and bake like martha stewart. is there anything you don't do?! you are adorable! i want to look like you : )

    1. You are too nice, Stephanie! However, my husband made the cookies. I am no cook. I just try!

  7. I've never run before, and started last month. It's a work in progress, but I can run a mile before I almost pass out haha!

    Girl, you are truly the 'Jill of all trades'. I am dying to make those cookies!
    You will be amazing in the race!