Race Day - Arizona Super Spartan!

Arizona had the Super Spartan this year which is a race plus obstacles and full of awesome.  We had a team of ten, and last minute another female joined so there were two of us on Team Nemesis.
Race:  Super Spartan
Location:  Chandler, Arizona
Date:  Saturday, February 11, 2012
Distance:  8-1/2 miles plus 25+ obstacles

Goal:  Sub 2 hours
Time:  1:55:31
Age group placement:  6th
Gender placement:  34th
Overall placement:  314th
Total finishers:  2412

Age on calves, bib # on arms/face.
My dad was in town!  LOVED seeing him and having him cheer us on!
(Pre-race food:  pancakes and sipping 1/3 of a delicious Monster)
The start line...all of us at the 11:00 heat!
Ben has been excited to see how well he would perform in an obstacle race like this, but shortly after we crossed the start line he was by my side and he didn't leave it once!  Not that I'm not competitive, but I'm no where in his ball park, and I'm perhaps overly cautious with obstacles.  You would hear a siren every half hour or so as people got hurt!!  I was pretty happy to do this thang together.
The first obstacle were walls you had to jump over, go under, go through the holes, etc.  It was crowded and Ben got a kick (unintentional) to his bad arm so hard that he started bleeding and his timer chip broke off.  The timer chips are programmed so that when you go through an obstacle the cameras there video you and register who you are (so they can make you a personalized video, etc.)  Since he ran with me we had the same finish time, but I'm not sure about his pictures/video images.  I felt really bad for him.

We are missing Rob here from this picture.  He flew in from NY for the race.
The cleaning station!  They even provided body wash.  How nice.

This is the overall winner (below).
My new workout tee is awesome.

Some of the obstacles that I can remember off the top of my head:
-Rope climb
-Scaling a rock wall
-Javelin throw
-Lots of wading through water
-Fire jump
-Rope climb over a surface covered in dish soap
-Swimming through FREEZING water
-Tire flips
-Lugging sand bags over and under obstacles (blech)
-Stand up rowing machine
-Lots of climbing dirt mounds and sliding down the other side into water/mud below, climbing back up the next mound, sliding down again, over and over
-Pulling cement blocks
-Going under barbed wire (rolling) through wet MUD
-Water tunnels
-Tented canal with 2x4s you had to go under
-Climbing small mountainy areas
-Pulling a heavy bucket up with a pulley system (I probably only got through this one because a guy was YELLING at me to keep going, keep going!)
-Crossing water
-Runnnnnning (my favorite part...though not AS fun with shoes full of rocks/mud/so forth)
-Climbing over railings and dropping to the rocks below
-Climbing over walls (I think one was 9-10 feet...yowza)
-Monkey bars!
-Balance beam
-Tire runs
-So forth and etc.

I failed the javelin throw, and I slipped off the rope a knot from the top.  Unfortunately those two obstacles were in front of all the spectators, and next to each other.  I had to do 60 burpees!!  Ben only missed one obstacle...the javelin!!

The post race food was disappointing...unripe bananas.  I didn't even see water, but Ben said there was some.  But we sure came home with a lot of samples.
Might I add that I got stung by a scorpion a day before the race, so I ran it with a numb foot.  The scorpion stung me in our bed, under the covers, and we're dumbfounded how of all places to have one show up...IN our bed?  Ben checks the bed for scorpions every single night for his sweet paranoid wife!  But that night we were both up late and tired so we didn't bother because hey, we never see any scorpions in the house, let alone our bed.  Go figure.  It's bizarre.

I got 'poked' and thought maybe it was a feather from the comforter that poked me, but then a couple seconds later it started burning up my leg and I knew twas no feather.  Ben flipped the lights on and covers back and I don't think I've seen him move so fast.  Those things are so creepy looking.  The exterminator comes tomorrow.  Any other scorpions hiding out in the house can suck it.

This is where we are sleeping right now.  I have actually slept quite well here, and I think Ben has too.  He is a patient husband.  =)  I have also learned that scorpions can't climb glass, so I want a glass bed.
The weekend wouldn't be complete without a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert in Phoenix, and putting five people in our small hotel room.  Aside from sharing a bathroom, it was awesome.
We're all signed up for the Warrior Dash on April 28th (a week after my marathon...).  I think there will be more friends at this one after everyone saw how fun the Spartan turned out to be.  The only downside is I think the Warrior Dash is only 3+ miles.  But it'll be lots of fun!

That's all about the Spartan...for now.  But Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I just have to say you have a ROCKIN bod!!! You're darling!!

  2. Loved seein all these Photos from your latest race!!! Awesome!!! I have never done a race with obstacles:) fun!!! Love the muddy pics!
    The scorpion in your bed is just crazy scary!!!! That is horrible. I can't think of many worse things. So sorry that happened to you!! Yikes!

  3. Awesome race photos, looks like you guys had a blast! Ouch a scorpion!? Sounds scary,hope your foot is doing better now.

  4. Thanks ladies!!! Still sleeping on the couch, but hope to get over this soon.

  5. So the chocolate extravaganza is organized by the local SPCA. They asked all local restaurants to donate some desserts (mostly chocolate stuff) and sell it. The money they make will go to the SPCA. It was fun!

  6. I have always been too scared to do these, lol. You two are such buff Spartans!!

  7. The first thing I noticed was the weather. So jealous as I run in the snow.

    The obstacles look challenging and amazing! Love the shirt.

    I'm still hoping to run a warrior dash this year :)