Race Day - Ragnar Relay Del Sol

Race:  Del Sol Ragnar Relay
Date:  February 24th-25th
Location:  Wickenburg, AZ to Tempe, AZ
Distance:  200.5 miles
Team members:  12

Goal:  8:30 average pace for me, 7:45 for Ben
Time:  27:26:03
Division Placement:  4th out of 203 teams
Overall Placement:  20th out of 415 teams

Ben and I decided to skip out on the Ragnar Del Sol this year after we spent money on the Super Spartan for the same month (racing gets so expensive!).  Thursday morning I got an email from a team saying three members had to drop out due to a funeral.  Ben and I were on the team by lunch seeing it was sponsored by the Runner's Den and our registration would be free (deal maker!).  The race started the next day.

That same afternoon we headed to Scottsdale to meet the team at dinner.  The team was pretty competitive with an 8:09 average pace, putting a lot of pressure/motivation on myself.  The last Ragnar I ran in 2009, our team was not competitive (very much including me), so this was a change of pace.

Our team starting time was 1:00 pm with only seven others.  I guess there were 14 teams left to start times after us, so the starting line wasn't crowded.  In other words, 390+ teams had already started anywhere from 5am-noon!!  This meant we would be seeing few runners for the first part of the day until we caught up to the majority of other teams.
Runner's Den Rednecks was our team name.  Here are the guys in VAN 1...Ben and I made a stop before the race for whatever we could find to dress up.  We didn't really plan to run in it, so we just wore it over our running clothes.  =)
The guys (yes the guys) got the van stuck.  Jillian and I just stood across the street chuckling.  Thank goodness help arrived before our runner reached the exchange.  (Our van is boring because we didn't want to clean it afterwards...)
I was runner #4 and my first leg was about 6-1/2 miles.  The mileage was fine, but I was worried about the heat.  It was low 80s and I was so hot I ended up handing off my shirt to Ben.  Hottttttttt desert run.
Below is a perfect example of our first legs of very few people around.  I saw one person this entire leg.  I had the van closely leap frog the entire leg so I was never alone.
Moving in on my first kill.  It took a couple of miles to catch up to her, but it was great motivation before and after I passed on by.  This is what makes racing extra fun (in my opinion).
My night run was about what I expected for 5-1/2ish miles.  It was quiet, there weren't streetlights most of the time, I was alone and it was creepy at 2am.  Ben jumped out and ran with me which made it much better and kept my mind from playing night time Ted-Bundy-in-those-weeds noises in my mind.  Most of our night runs were in the "no van support" zone, which was a bummer.
Ben ran his entire second leg with a lady named Beesee (sp??).  I know she felt so much better not being alone, because she caught up to him within the first minute and was like "I'm going to run with you if that's okay!"  She was soooo cute.  Her team started at 8am, so we were starting to catch up at this point.  FINALLY.
My last leg was so great.  There were a lot of people around and it makes it a blast, and I was feeling strong. It was another hot one.  Maybe Ragnar needs to move the race to January?!
Contemplating his last leg?  It was pretty hot, we were tired, and his run wasn't easy.  We all ran our last legs with lots of teams around which made it extra fun and competitive.
The finish line was at Tempe Town Lake...beautiful!!  I want to live right by it.  Our team finished just before 4:30pm.
There were lots of random dog walkers/people at the lake aside from the event.  This one made me chuckle. That dog was pulling him so fast!!  How cute!!

Leg one at 5:40pm:  4.7 miles in 32:45 at 6:58 average pace
Leg two at 3:28am:  6.03 miles in 48:10 at 7:58 average pace
Leg three at 11:40am:  5.6 miles (incline/hills) in 46:43 at 8:22 average pace
Average Pace:  7:45
Total mileage:  16.33 (+3 of my night run = 19.33)
Total kills:  0+15+16=31
Total deaths/times passed:  ZERO!

Leg one at 3:47pm:  6.5 miles in 55:47 at 8:34 average pace
Leg two at 1:35am:  5.8 miles (all incline blech) in 50:45 at 8:45 average pace
Leg three at 10:27am:  (decline for first 2 miles) 4.28 miles in 33:40 at 7:51 average pace
Average Pace:  8:22
Total mileage:  16.58
Total Kills:  1+5+10=16
Total Deaths/times passed:  ZERO!
(The last half mile of my last leg I saw one guy a quarter mile back that seemed to be slowly closing the gap, so I really had to work hard to keep that distance.)

And we survived!!  What a random weekend, but a fun time.

Will we do it again?  Perhaps!  I think we'd do competitively again, even with the most likely later start time.  It makes me want to work hard on getting my average pace to 8 minutes (or less...dreaming).  The most fun part of it all was doing it with Ben, and cheering each other on.  Running and racing is the awesomest hobby to do together.  I love it!!

And just like that, back to Monday.  Happy Monday!  I already need a Monster.  Locals come run the 5k on Saturday!  http://battleforbrigham.blogspot.com/

PS.  Saturday night was our first night back in our bed...our scorpion proofed bed.  I actually dreamed of scorpions that night.  Creepers.


  1. Great job! Glad you were able to run :)

  2. my body and running don't really get a long... running in the heat sounds like torture! you guys are tough! great job! and so happy you could sleep in your bed again!!

  3. OH that's so awesome! You are amazing to keep pace with the guys on your team! GO CHRISTY!! I would love to do a RAGNAR some day....But i will definitely have to work up to it. I am far from it right now ;)

  4. Awesome!!! Love all those pictures, especially the one the guys try to get the van out :) I'm glad Ben ran with you at night, it sounds scary to be out there so alone! Oh and by the way, you killed it! You had an amazing pace especially with those temps! Just imagine how fast you would be in 50 degree weather! :)

  5. Thank you!! It was a fun time! It's crazy what a little pressure/motivation can do. Mind over matter.

  6. Nice job! I wish I would have known you were running; I could have met you. I was Exch 30 manager. I love running Ragnars and will run Wasatch Back in June.