6 Weeks To Go!

1A.  Last week Ben surprised me with a Road ID!  There are multiple types you can get, and I believe ours are the "Wrist ID Slim."  Ben's is blue, mine...pink.  (Though when I run in areas like above, Ben drives the truck directly behind me.)

Ben says I should run with a huge rock in hand and if any car cuts me off just slug their windows with it.  lol  I love him.  But I am now running with identification!

1B-D.  We plan our date nights for Friday night so Saturday can be whatever mixed with long runs and my favorite part...RECOVERING (aka doing nothing ...eating).  My body doesn't rebound like a champ quite yet.
Ben ran the first 8 with me.  We ran slowly that we could hold a full conversation non-stop.  The weather was beautiful on top of that.  It was the best time ever!  I ran 12 slow miles, and the last six at marathon target pace.  I'm getting excited!

My shin is doing better.  I'm now am in the normal routine of icing and ice baths thanks to some great advice. :)
Ben is trained in POSE RUNNING.  I've been reading about it and am having him help me with my form.  Lately I've been adjusting to a more fore/midfoot strike which has helped with my shin a LOT.  I don't think my legs can handle heel striking anymore.

Ben is a pro at driving and photographing out the passenger window.
Source: google.com via Christy on Pinterest
My calves are pretty sore.  After the marathon I will introduce a little speed back into life (I hope), new form and all.
I used Shot Bloks.  I leave one in my cheek and nibble on it for a period of time which keeps my belly happy and mouth from being dry since gum doesn't last this long ...apparently.

2.  Here is a short, clever and funny Facetious Face Production clip that my brother just uploaded to YouTube.  He is talented.

3.  We did hang out with NB and the nieces a little bit this weekend.  They are pretty cute.  I'm excited to go to the zoo with them this weekend.

4.  My favorite movie is coming out with #2.  LOL = DESPICABLE ME

5.  Six days to the Gladiator and I'm the only girl racing in our group of six.  I don't mind running by myself while the men of CrossFit kill over just to beat each other.  They're so competitive!
Have a good week!  We don't do Daylight Savings round these parts, so now we're an hour behind Utah.  I hope my boss remembers that come tomorrow morning.

I didn't talk about scorpions once this post.  =]


  1. Loved seeinn these photos. You are amazing...doing so great Christy!!!! I am so glad your leg is cooperating. Thank goodness. I'll def let you know how my long run goes tomorrow. I'm nervous. Look slike you've found some nice road to just cruise on. I have to run hills all day but I guess it just makes me stronger and faster in the end, right? ANyway, great job and your hubby is the cutest thing EVER with that road ID!!!! LOVE THAT!!!!

  2. Glad to hear your shins are a little better! I did read the Pose book and most of it I agree. The only concern is they focus 100% on the hamstring, not sure if this is the other extreme. I did a good form clinic last November, that was great! What helped me to run in a better form are vibrams! In those shoes I feel my heel striking and my brain automatically switches to a better form. Good luck!!