February Runs Away

7+ weeks to the Salt Lake Marathon!  Time is flying by.  We are all booked up, we are excited, and we are going to dominate (and by dominate I mean finiiiish).  We fly in town Wednesday night (April 18th), and leave Monday afternoon (April 23rd).  We'd love to see our friends and family during that time!

  • Total miles run:  97.63
  • Days run:  16
  • 5k PR of 24:57 @ 8:03 pace (I'm discounting my 24:18 5k time I hit on one of my Ragnar legs since there were some declines involved for some of the first portion.)
  • Time spent running:  15 hours 27 minutes
  • Monthly average pace:  8:57
  • Longest distance:  13.1 miles
  • Half marathons:  1
  • Average temperature:  66 degrees
  • Races:  2- one 8-1/2 miles+ 30 obstacles, one relay for 16+ miles total

  • Total times I passed the local running girl that won't acknowledge me:  1
  • Total times I said hi to said local running girl upon passing:  1
  • Total times local running girl said hi back:  1 (BOOM!)

Stressful news:  I came out just over 10 miles short of my February training plan.  I've developed some strong pain/occasional numbness in my shin area which has flared up and decreased in pain for the past couple of weeks until this week where it is just constant, and on top of that a very big stress.  An injury would be devastating at this point, and I have been so, so careful to avoid one.
I will be closely monitoring it and praying that I have shin splints that I can manage.  Today is rest day. Tomorrow I'm supposed to run 16 miles, and Saturday we have a 5k.  I don't know if these will happen, but my long run takes priority.  But overall, my leg takes first priority.

I'm using RICE therapy (even as I type this):  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  It seems to be helping.  I really need to get myself a foam roller for the future too.  Those are amazing.

Less than two months to go.

Fueling:  This weekend's 16 miler will be more of a true fueling test (if I can actually run that is).  I like the Sport Beans so far.  I've been alternating between regular and Xtreme.  I am still going to try a couple of other things, and I'd like to try the Honey Stingers waffles and chews next.  I think they sell those at Wal-Mart, otherwise I have to go into the valley or online to buy the others.
My February log:
(Broken up for the blog book.)


  • Slow it down- these long runs are supposed to be slower, and these weekday runs are easier runs regardless of mileage
  • Shorter stride- in combo with slower pace will really help with my shin
  • FORM- I need to focus on this to keep from injuring myself.  When I get tired, I get sloppy.
  • Listen to my body.  If I need rest...rest.  Shin splints require less time off than stress fractures do, and I have a race to run in April!

PS.  I completed my 400 "real" push ups challenge for the 100x!  Next month is 100 minutes of planking, so I'm sure you will be seeing pictures of my planking journey.

Happy March!!


  1. Oh no, I hope RICE will help. I usually use a frozen bag of peas to ice my shins, it covers more and doesn't fall off my leg :)

    Sending you tons of healing thoughts!!

  2. Hey pretty girl!! Still jealous you can run so much, I die at a mile :) haha aaaand go check out my blog cuz I tagged you :)