March Madness + Race Day

I realize by the posts lately that this blog could be named, "Running, Racing and Scorpions."  Really that's what life sums up to right now!(...and food!)

But presenting to you...the heavy duty SCORPINATOR.  We still haven't spotted any scorpions with it, but this place will soon start glowing in the next month+ I'm thinking.  After all we are nearing 80 degrees and into March.
Because I thought you'd like nightmares like me, we found some mostly dead/totally dead scorpions like the exterminator said we (I at least had the decency to make the picture smaller for you).  One was in the garage, two near the front entry INSIDE.  Sickening.  I hate them!!!  I don't even like to get close to dead ones, I stuck duct tape to them just in case they were alive so they couldn't disappear, and I left them for Ben to throw away!!!  =)
We grow weeds like crazy during the winter here (who'd have thought?).  Our house looks like it's in the jungle...pretty embarrassing.  While yard working, Ben found a flower.  It was kind of hard to take a picture of in the wind.
The 5k charity race was on Saturday morning.
The 1 mile run/walk/whatever you felt like doing, was first.  It was cold!  The coldest race we have ever been to.  7:30 was too early I think.  Brrr.  My phone said 27 degrees, but I don't buy it because our heater didn't freeze that night.  But something cold like that.
Here go the 5k-ers!  I didn't end up running this race because of my shin (which is showing signs of improvement).  I had pre-registered and got a shirt, but since it was money for a good cause, I wasn't bothered.  Ben is just behind yellow shorts guy.
There were festivities for the kidlets, a silent auction, breakfast, etc.  There were 450ish registered runners.  Doing the math that's 9-11k raised just on registration alone.  Awesome!
Ben finished 3rd overall.  Notice the gap behind him.  I cannot even see the next runner!  He's amazing!  He finished at 20:20, which is a minute + 5 seconds slower than his PR, which is awesome being that cold weather.  Nice job sweetheart!  I love you!!
Here are the CrossFitters that ran (minus Jon in the light gray who also didn't run).  There were only three of them.  Everyone else slept in I guess (it was tempting).
It was a lovely time and Ben did great.  They didn't give out bibs which was a little annoying because bibs are more important than shirts, but meh.

I successfully completely my Friday long run ...running all over the place.  Compression socks + shin wrap, and my shin was a less inflamed at a very slow pace and small stride, so training is still on thankfully.  Less than 7 weeks.
After long runs, all I think about is food (all weekend long...).  There's less shame in cooking up some sugary deliciousness after burning 1300 calories on one run (makes you want to run, huh!).  We started with this one...

And these...

Lastly, a friend posted this on Pinterest and I laughed for awhile.

Source: Uploaded by user via Christy on Pinterest

Have a lovely March week.

13 days to the Gladiator race!


  1. My brother lived in a house in Gilbert full of scorpions. He bought a black light, a blow torch and a backpack. Looking like Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, he'd go hunting around the yard wearing the backpack torching the scorpions outside the house. The blow torch is better than a hammer (which is what he started with before graduating to the blowtorch) because you can get into the cracks of the block wall with the torch...not so much with a hammer.

    1. Oh wow, that is genius. I think I might enjoy the hunt with that setup...haha. Great idea!

  2. Those scorpions still give me the heabie jeabies, I don't know how you guys live with them.

  3. Oh man! I am glad you're getting rid of those awful things! Hopefully they won't make a comeback.

    Congrats to Ben on the running. Now that we're getting settled into the house, Mike and I are going to be a cool working out couple like you guys too. We're psyched.

    And I think I gained weight looking at your dessert pictures. Better start exercising!

  4. Glad to hear your training is still on!!! Hope you are completely pain-free soon.

  5. I showed Easton the picture of your two scorpion friends, and after asking one-too-many questions about them (i.e. "Did she put them in her food? Scorpions have lots of protein, you know!"), he said, "Dang, mom. I sure wish I had scorpions by my house."

  6. Random, unrelated comment, but I have some questions about your dad's career because my husband is heavily considering it for his career and needs to decide soon to apply to residency programs. Email me when you have a minute, thanks :)

    Oh and in related comments, you're a crazy machine! You always did workout to the max, remember when you got mono but still insisted on exercising and fell down stairs?