Mumblings of March

Words and words.

The carnival came to town.  Carnivals are kind of creepy, but I love taking pictures of the lights and how cheery they look.  Every jog I passed it by made me reinforce my high plans to go take pictures, but I didn't.  I've been lazy in that sense, lately.  We did go check it out for a couple of minutes with our friends Jake and Sarah.  It was a bit anticlimactic, but I still love that the carnival came to town.  It left yesterday.

So since the carny was across the street from the theater, we wandered over to check out the long line which was for the opening of Hunger Games.  As we walked up, Ben's buddy was next in line to buy tickets and Ben was like, "hey buy four more."  So we walked right in and saw Hunger Games unplanned.  That was sweet.
We've both read the books, and Sarah finished the book that morning.  I gave the book 4 stars, and I give the movie 3.5.  I got a little bored after two hours (2-1/2 hours...really...) but I thought overall it was good!  I didn't really like Lenny Kravitz acting, and I had imagined Cinna to be all flamboyantly happy and over the top, which Lenny wasn't.  Peeta was a little on the smaller side than I was hoping, and Katniss didn't look quite starved, but I did enjoy having read the book first and knowing more than what the movie showed of the story's surface.

Ben ran my long run with me on Saturday evening which makes them extra awesome.  It was mid 80s and the water on my hydration belt was gone quickly.  At one point we had to stop at Dairy Queen (not for a frozen hot chocolate yum) for a "complimentary ice water" to guzzle and refill the bottles.  Ben likes to run in the heat, I do not.
By about mile 12 we were both not really talking.  We got home and took a romantic fully clothed ice bath together (next time we should turn on the jets lol), and then went over to our friends Tan and Eric's house for french bread pizza which we inhaled!!
It's peak week!  In three weeks we head to Utah for my first full marathon, and Ben's first half.  The elevation is different there, but I'm hoping my last month of in the heat training will help me when we get to Utah and the temperatures are ideal, and the course too.  As long as I can keep my shins intact, it should be great.
No more scorpions in the house (I'm finally sleeping at night).  We found this lil guy on the driveway.  I think he was dead.  Put him in a bottle of water and he turned upside down.  But they are good pretenders.  Who knows.
Spent time reading our books on the lovely inmate mown grass (guess which one is mine):
Just enjoying the weather and such.  Next week the taper beings, and it's also Ben's Toro Loco.  I say I'm not doing it, but I don't know.


  1. I'm so excited to see how Your fiat marathon goes!!! Your going to kill it!! I'm so nervous about mine. I've not Ben up to training this week and eating badly:( I live the new look ofthe blog by the way!!! You've got to get mw that button:) so glad the scorpions aren't in the house anymore. Yuck!!

    1. Ah the button!! I will get on that! Good luck with your race in 4 weeks. My shin is falling apart on me, so I'm a little worried now. But it'll be fun!

  2. I completely agree with your hunger games review!! Really liked the movie but Peeta should have been bigger and Katniss a little more "hungry". haha that pizza looks amazing by the way! And good luck on your full marathon girly!

  3. 4 more weeks, time will go by fast! You will do great!!!