Phoenix Zoo & Such

The past weekend we spent in the valley with the fam.  We went to the Phoenix Zoo during the winter-ish storm that hit.  It was pretty cold, but it wasn't crowded which was nice.  Since it rained I only brought my lil camera.  But this pic of Mallory and Ragan is super cute!
I've never been there before, but it was a pretty sweet zoo and had lots of trees, greenery and ponds.  Didn't feel like a desert at all, and add the rainy weather and it felt like Hawaii.
This pond (below) had its surface covered in...something...gross.
Below is some sort of ginormous African dog-like creature, I don't remember its name.
Below:  Gila Monsters!  They're venomous lizards and our college's mascot!  Under state law you can't harm them, so hopefully you don't find one in your house.
Our little nieces are more mature than us.
It snowed!!  I have never seen a snowplow here in AZ until this day.  I have forgotten how pretty the white on blue contrast is!
It took us a month+ of hassle to get our Super Spartan personalized video.  It's sweet though it is a little more like "Where's Waldo?"  Spartan gave us free passes for next year's race since it took so long.  So that is exciting and makes it worth it.  And the music is super cool.

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  1. I think the Phx zoo is pretty nice. It really has a lot to see.

    Can't believe how big your nieces are getting!