A Buhr 411... We're Moving

Well word is spreading so I figured I'd make it official (aka post it on mister blog lol).

We're moving...again (3rd time in a year), but this time out of town.  As of May 19th (or possibly the 12th), we will be residents of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Ben starts work out there on May 21st.

We landed back in Phoenix yesterday and spent a little while looking at condos before driving back out to Thatcher.  One of them was super cute and was kind of out in a secluded desert-y area with a desert feel to it (instead of palm trees..and such), and after the nice lady explained they don't have a scorpion problem...there was one chillin' on the wall.  Ha.

But we are excited!  And we are going to miss friends we've made here and some of the things about a small town.  But you can always come visit.  :)


  1. Christy! i'm so excited for you to live in scottsdale, i lived there for 7 months and LOVED it! What part of scottsdale?

    1. We're headed to North Scottsdale somewhere abouts. It is beautiful there!

  2. Scottsdale is so pretty! I was just there a couple of weeks ago!

  3. How exciting! I know you both really like it there. I'm glad you get to move!

  4. So happy for you!!! Good luck with the move :)