Easter is Coming!!...and so is, you know...RACE...

I had no idea Easter was (IS) so close, and General Conference, and pretty much the month of April until just a couple days ago.  So this weekend we got together with Sarah and Jake for some intense egg dyeing contest-ness.  We take our dyeing seriously.

Meet their pup, Tana!  She cracks me up with her lil personality.  Sarah and Tana moved here a month ago to be with Jake, Sarah's fiancee.  It has been a lot of fun hanging out with them!
Last year was my first time winning the 1st place egg with my family, and this year I won 1st again!  See the beauty below... the Acid Egg.
Below are Ben's eggs:  a hilarious egg, the Safety Egg (Jake is a Safety Guy at the mine), a chubby swiffer egg (that's me), and a pic of Tana...the giraffe dog...apparently...
Jake's eggs below:  I for Idaho something, the green egg, and the indestructible egg (which took 4th place)...
Sarah's eggs below:  I think it was the gypsy egg, the love egg, and the pink egg.
I drew a shoe, a person, my acid egg, and a scorpion egg (of course)...
Peak week ended with a 20 mile run, my longest training run on my schedule.  I stressed all week about my shins, but I ended up feeling good.  I was so happy.  I felt like I could go on, and I pray on race day I wake up feeling the exact same way!  (That Spartan tank is my favorite long distance tank...)
I started in the 85 degree heat, met Ben at six miles, and we continued to figure eight around Wal-Mart (about 4-5 miles each loop...so 8-9 overall) where the car was parked so we could get COLD water if needed, and also grab our night gear when it got dark.  I originally had frozen 1/3 of the water in my hydration bottles, and it was melted and the water was warm by mile THREE.  Insane.

Ben ran 9 miles with me, and then drove with me for the few remaining dark miles!  I feel bad for him because he is now dealing with some knee pain for the first time.  Stressful bodies these are.  The Toro Loco is a little iffy, but still only five days away!!

I may need to work on my running photog skills.
Right after my finish.  Two consecutive days of rest made a huge difference on this run!!
This weekend Ben also added a shelf to our medal display, and then he made a bib hanger!!  I think he did a wonderful job.  It is lookin' good.
I forgot to add my running log in my last blog post on my March training.  I have this spreadsheet in GOOGLE so if anybody wants a copy, let me know.  I enjoy it much more than pen and paper.

General Conference was this weekend which always make for an awesome one.  I would love to have General Conference every weekend if I could choose.  Who doesn't like listening to our prophet and leaders (sometime while in bed)?  And Saturday night while jogging, there were gobs of cars headed to Priesthood at the churches.  I like that familiar feeling of living in a religious area.  Home sweet home.
And holy windy these days.  Crazy weather!  Happy Monday of April!


  1. Awesome CHristy! LOVE the shots of you and Ben running.....I was just writing up a post for tomorrow about my long run and thinking I was freakin crazy because I bought a head lamp at Walmart last week so I could run before sunrise in the dark:) Love to see you also had the same idea. Your leg muscles are awesome!!! Can't wait till my legs look like that!!! Your leg ice bath looks lovely! Love your scorpion easter egg too! lol!

    1. Thanks!! Ya, I even trip sometimes with my head lamp. They are definitely needed for the dark! And my legs have gotten bigger the last couple of months. I don't know how I feel about it though. :S

  2. I can't believe you did your long run in 80+ degree weather. You are my hero!!! :) So glad your shins are holding up.