March Runs Away

I just finished my long run for the week/month, and am sitting here next to the hubcap and we're both beat to a pulp and drinking our Sonic Slushies.  But holy crap!  Less than three weeks to go until the marathon.  I'm getting excited!  This will be Ben's first half, and my first full, and I have enjoyed all of the training in the beautiful weather here in Arizona.  This has been a very ideal time for training.  I don't know if the circumstances will ever be more perfect!


  • Total miles run: 140.3
  • Days run:  15
  • PR's set:  None =(  unless you count slow PRs
  • Time spent running:  24:08:06
  • Monthly average pace:  10:04 (that's hard for me to see, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive the wrath of shin splints)
  • Longest distance: 20 miles
  • Half+ marathons: 4
  • Average temperature: Beginning of the month was probably 68, end of month probably 80.
  • Races: 1-  7k + 17 obstacles

  • Total times I passed the local running girl that is now my friend:  A few
  • Total times I said hi to said local running girl upon passing:  Everytime
  • Total times local running girl said hi back:  Everytime!  Once I ran with her and we chatted it up.
  • Total cars that refuse to stop for me at a crosswalk:  one quabillionmillion (I'm used to Layton where you get a big fat ticket if you drive through a crosswalk when somebody is in it.  I think that should be a universal law!)  Side note:  If you cut me off I'll probably "shoot you" with my hand in a gun form (complete with sound effect).  A gesture I learned father.  Pow.  You suck.

This is the first time I've dealt with shin splints in both legs, mostly the right one, to a degree of constant pain and not just a dull annoyance.  I haven't ever been injured (knock on wood), but I've never trained for a full marathon, and I guess I didn't think it would be more wearing on the bod.  I've kind of learned to take an extra rest day here and there which has kept me going strong.

Call me crazy, I mostly blame cross training.  The week I took off of cross training I ran without pain, tape, brace, and even compression socks.

Sooo if you google "shin splints suck" this is what comes up.

As does this... (source)

If you google "shin splint bruising" you get lovely images like so... (source) along with some even grosser ones.

Some of my favorites to date...that I already haven't posted:
  • The raspberry lemonade taste just like ...raspberry lemonade.  You can make it super potent without gagging too.  I do 1/2-1 scoops for medium runs, and 2 full scoops for long runs.

  • KT Tape (I choose pink but there are many colors).  It stays on even in the shower.  I've been running with it under my compression socks...kind of doubling up.  Don't know if that really helps, but I'm doing it all for the shins right now and it seems to be paying off.

  • Foam roller from Road Runner Sports.  This is a wonderful thing.  Second best to a husband's massage.  I chose pink, but there's others of course (though why not get PINK).

  • Sonic slush (I choose green apple, Ben has the watermelon with ice cream mixed in...both soooo good).  If you don't care about the things listed above, at least go buy a delicious slush.

I need to get some arm warmers.  I will need them most likely in SLC.  My problem is I have chicken arms and the ones I've tried have been too big.  Any good brands to try?

Happy April (Fool's day)!  Thank goodness the weekend isn't over.  Still going strong (midnight)!  Have a lovely one!!


  1. I recently bought arm warmers at the race expo in Little Rock. They were $10 and worked perfectly. I have no arm muscle at all and the sleeves never rolled down. How big is the race? They might have a decent size expo.

  2. At the SLC expo there should be many brands of arm warmers for you to try on and buy there. I get too hot while running so can't use arm warmers so I just use gloves. I haven't, however, run some place as cold as SLC.

  3. Your awesome!! SO SORRY about your shin!!!! Man that sucks but you are totally going to make it to marathon day and that's all that matters!! Keep up the great work mama. Can't wait to see your shining face coming across that finish line like a champ!!! xoxxo H

    1. Thanks Hanna, right back you! 3 weeks for me, 4 for you. Yippee!

  4. I thought maybe I'd like to run with them before race day, but perhaps buying them at the expo would be just fine. I don't really deal with chaffing much.