No Toro Loco...just a SCOTTSDALE visit

No TORO LOCO this weekend.  We're kind of pre-maturely falling apart (sounds like the Toro Loco race did too).

Last week was a super low mileage week- blah.  A new season of RIPPED (fitness class) started and two of the new routines/songs irritate my shin like whoa, but I feel I have to go all 150% out because everyone is learning the new-ness, and because it's FUN.  Mistake.

After finishing my classes for the week, I hit the road for my 12 miler.  The shin hurt immediately ...odd.  I stopped and stretched after a mile and it hurt more.  I slowed mile three down by two+ minutes and was like hardly moving.  At three miles I spoke into my phone a text to Ben somewhere along the, "hurting, shin not good" lines and he called me and talked some sense into myself.  I'm tapering.  If I ran my peak week 20 miler last Saturday with no shin problem, why am I killing myself during a taper run??  More harm than good.  (I have 2-1/2 weeks off of RIPPED now.  Sad because I will miss it, but good for the leg.)
I sat on the curb at Home Depot and cried that I couldn't complete my scheduled run, and Ben came and got me and took me to CrossFit where he pushed himself to another hover-over-the-bucket, 1000 meter row, WOD.  He is amazing!  But I begged him (again) not to do that (again).  I don't like wondering if he's going into cardiac arrest on me.  We already did the whole try to keep him from dying on me thing back in the cave.  I'm a little paranoid.  It took 45 minutes to recover from less than a 3-1/2 minute row!  He is hardcore (and so hot..and so mine :).
I spent that evening mega stressed and researching tapering and learning more about it and missing scheduled runs.  I found an excellent blog post The Ultimate Marathon Tapering Guide that gave me some great insight, and some experienced friends gave me some more insight.  I felt better about resting some extra days these next two weeks and have a better understanding of the taper.

After that lovely evening, we went to Scottsdale, AZ, because it is wonderful and we had business to take care of (including my hair that now has purple in it).  Ben had Good Friday off.

This park stretches for miles and miles and who knows when it actually ends, and I don't know the name so I name it "Long Pond-y Park."  Lots of bikers, runners, a skatepark, disc golfers, puppies, park stuff, etc.  It runs under the cross streets.  It was amazing!!  Enjoyable for a nice evening stroll.  I love pond-y parks.  They are wonderful.
We spent two days at the water (and Chipotle), but we both brought stupid books so that puts a damper on things after we finished reading our Runner's World.  Time to find some new readings!
Roadrunner Sports (Tempe) is a wonderful!!  Ben has had some [IT band] knee pain that has gotten really bad as he ups his mileage for 1/2 training, so we headed back in to have him analyzed while actually wearing Kinvara 2s, what he trains in.  The conclusion is the shoes are perhaps too soft (did you know you get like 200 miles out of them??), so they exchanged them for a set of Saucony Mirages even three months after we bought the Kinvara 2s.  They have been a good store and we will continue to go there.  Shoes are the most important thing to get right.

He won't be able to run much before the race.  His knee is screaming for rest and I feel horrible and hope it is the shoes.  Check out the new kicks...
If we ever do move, we'd like to live here...
Also picked up my marathon "outfit"..which doesn't look that extra adorable in this picture, but I assure you IS.  I searched hard for a perfect length skirt (it has hot pink shorts under!), and add some hot pink compression socks and some arm warmers.  Mom, you will spot me!  Time to try out its chafe-ness abilities or hopefully lack thereof.
My brother wrote a song to sing at BYU's Chinese New Year.  He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese from serving an LDS mission in Australia.  He is talented that I have to share.
That's all for now.  We are so excited to run this race (if you didn't know).  My dad is running the half, my brother the half, his prom date the half (that's their day activity!), my other brother that just got over knee surgery will be running the 5k, and my mom will be spectating with her giant megaphone most likely.  :)  It is going to be a life experience!!  Hopefully full of no injuries all around, and plenty of PRs (by default).

HAPPY MONDAY!  It is going to be a great one.  And the Boston Marathon is this weekend I believe, with 109 days until the Olympics!!  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter as well, without forgetting the true meaning.  We are blessed!


  1. Taper is the toughest part of marathon training, especially for the first marathon. Just keep in mind, you DID all the work, your body is ready, now just heal it up, so you can PEAK on race day and not before or after. LOVE your race outfit!!

  2. Good luck on your big race. I think you'll do great! Just think, as soon as you have completed a MARATHON, you can always say you have done it!! Hang in there and run your little heart out on race day :)

  3. I agree with Christine the taper is hard and you will get other aches and pains...things that never ached before. You'll do fine and all the nerves are normal. You are trained and ready.

  4. Thanks!! I am getting excited and nervous as it approaches. We will see how it goes.