Race Countdown Day 4

So I really dropped the ball on my race countdown.  LOL

I watched the Boston Marathon yesterday morning.  Amazing!  I read there were close to 27,000 runners, 16,000 new this year, and 91 countries represented.  Concerning the heat issue, I read over 4,000 runners opted out of running this year's race since BAA stated that if they did not cross the start line then they could run next year without re-qualifying.  I also read almost 150 were taken to hospitals in ambulances.  A very hot day to run.

It was still magnificent to watch the Kenyans sweep 1st through 3rd.  They were incredible!  I cannot run one mile as fast as they run an entire marathon.  This year was slower because of the heat, but last year the average pace for the winner was about a 4:40ish.  Crazy.
But we are four days to our marathon in Salt Lake City.  Last night I went on what could possibly be my last run of my training.  My shin has responded to the extra rest, my ankle hasn't responded as much to it, but all in all I'm feeling pretty decent.  I will be taping the leg and enjoying this race!
I've also decided to run with my hydration belt since that is how I've trained and I struggle with drinking at aid stations (water goes everywhere but the mouth...nose, upper lip, for sure eyes).
Race Info 
Marathon start: 7:00am
Half start: 7:00am (glad I can start with Ben and my family...maybe I can convince them to run a couple miles with me)
Location: UoU
Estimated weather: low 50, high 77 and sunny
Expo:  Grand Hall at Union Pacific Station, Thursday 3-7, Friday 11:30am-7
Plan/strategy: Enjoy it! And I plan to too.

Race map for the full marathon:

Half marathon course map (it looks like they split off around mile 5-6ish):

I read on one blog, "Run the first ten miles with your head, the second ten miles with your legs, and the last 6+ with your heart!"

Until then!  So long.  And I need to remind myself these are not carb loading.  We are never buying a bag of Reeses again!


  1. Are you excited??? This will be a great race! I like marathons that are not an out and back course. I think it's a good thing the half marathoners split early. There is nothing more annoying than passing the finishing line and know you have to do the same thing again while they are done. Glad to hear you are feeling good too!!

  2. Ahhhhh.......Christy, I'm sitting here getting chocked up thinking about your race!!! It's going to be such an amazing Expeiwnce! I cannot wait and my prediction is you'll do it in under 4 hours! I just feel like!!! Seriously, I know I don't really "know" you but I so feel like I do and I Am in your corner all the way!!! Love you girl! I posted what I'm wearing marathon day. What do you think? Over the top? My friend would gladly make you a custom running skirt with your exact measurements and she can make it short!!! Mine is a micro mini!!!!!

    1. Thanks chica!! I just left you a comment. I don't think it's over the top at all. In my opinion you can't be over the top (well, typically..some people do stretch it).

      I have no idea how fast I'll be, it depends on my leg. I'm running the first half very conservatively, and then making a game plan there on out. Here goes!

  3. Good luck this weekend!!!

    By the way - you won my ProFoot insoles giveaway - shoot me an email with all your info so I can get you hooked up!