Race Day - Salt Lake City Marathon

I'm a blogging monkey this week.  I've also been working like a banshee.  I think you get more done when you have less time, but anyways...the marathon...

The marathon was amazing!  It was a blast and I'm currently suffering from post marathon depression (it's serious) after the 4/21/2012 race.  True things didn't go exactly as hoped/planned/trained that day (do they ever), but now looking back I was too hard on myself.  I rocked it!  80 degrees and all (at the finish according to my phone).

I didn't feel my shin/ankle until mile 23...and it was mildly noticeable.  Post race I still have had no pain.  It's a miracle!
So...we headed to the Expo on Friday, at the Gateway!  Most people were picking up bibs for the half so I must say I felt awesome strolling over to the full line, secretly hoping people were judging me to be the awesome runner that I'm not.  lol  There were 1500ish registered for the full, and 5500 between the other races (maybe 4000 half?).  There were less than 1000 finishers for the full marathon in the end.  I probably can safely assume there's a connection to the weather there.

The race had less this year too.  Also probably safe to assume due to the whole director resigning fiasco that almost doomed the race.  But the new owners pulled it off without a hitch!!  It was great.  Next year it will probably grow a lot!
My mom was on the sidelines cheering us on at the beginning (with her cow bell and Delta Rabbits megaphone!).  Some half marathon photos from her camera...
The half-ers didn't get the luxury of running through Sugarhouse.  Pretty pretty.
So funny story... there was this guy that would jog a few miles and turn around and jog back a few miles, then go forward a few miles further, turn and go back.  I don't know why (maybe he was going for ultra marathon...).  I saw him pass me going the wrong way six times.  At mile 25 he turned around and started going the wrong way again, and this guy in the Disney attire (below) was like, "why does he keep doing that?!?  We get it already.  You're better than us!!"  lol
I had trouble with the heat from miles 16+ to almost 23, though I wouldn't say I was dehydrated because I am in habit of drinking constantly.  The aid stations had warm water by this time, so I just couldn't cool down.  I felt like a giant sweaty water balloon.

My family brought me ice water at mile 20 or 21, and the shade of this park below was the cherry on top to finally getting my body temperature down which made me a happy girl again.  (That police officer was chewing that car out for almost 'interrupting this race.')
Nobody seemed to care if anyone joined me (probably since they had bibs on), so my dad and brother rotated the last few miles.  It was lovely company!!  I think we are about mile 24ish here below.  My family rocks.  Ben is still dealing with IT problems (poor guy), and he rocked his half marathon but took on the photographer roll thereafter, as well as the roll of being good looking (full time roll).
(No I am not walking.  Let's clear that up right now.)
Everyone wants pictures of their first marathon.  I was lucky enough to have the paparazzi follow me!  I think I came home with 400 pictures between cameras that day.  Awesome!!  Feast your eyes upon lots of downtown running...
Oh hmmm...I've passed a marathon.  (3/10 mile long.  Better long than short!)
Here I come!!!  Wahoo!!!  Cheering people are so fun.  Hello cheering people!!
I'm a marathoner!
At the finish line I thought it was funny that first thing they handed me a nice hot bottle of water.  Awesome.  It's 80 degrees and I just ran a marathon.  Hot water... I'M SO REFRESHED!  lol  But they did give me cold chocolate milk that I guzzled down (to join the rest of the millions of gallons of liquid in the belly).  Then we all went to the new amazing City Creek where I watched my family eat.  Anybody have a granola bar?  Barf bag?
Clearly talking something important...I'm guessing I'm saying something like 'I ran 2 minutes per mile slower for 8 miles!!!'  Or maybe 'I waited in line for a porta potty 2 times!!'  So ya, clearly things didn't go as planned.  But it was still a blast and the next one is a guaranteed PR...or retirement.  =]
(I cannot get this picture centered ...annoying.)

It was SO MUCH FUN.  Thank you hubby for supporting me!!  Thank you family for joining me!!  Thank you dad for making it happen for everybody!!!  Thank you mom for cheering us on!!  Thank you James for not really training and then running a 7:30 average pace (wtf...who does that)!  Thank you Dallin for being awesome and being the first person to agree to join us in the race!  THANKS EVERYONE!!

So what's next??  A hot Arizona summer at the pool.  Then perhaps the Safford half and Vegas half this fall.  I think maybe I'll go for marathon #2 at PF Chang's Phoenix in less than 9 months.  Of course I'm all race happy right now, I must control myself.


  1. Congrats Christi!!!! Amazing. I'm so glad you did it and had so much support! Love that. I honestly don't honk I'm going to make mine. I ran a half last weekend just for fun and my shin got really mad at me for running fast so now I have just Ben resting but the race is 8 days away and I don't think I should run on it if I'm still
    In pain. ???? I was going to email you for some advice. I'm so depressed about it. Major let down after all that training. What do you think?

  2. You're a rockstar!!! Love all the pics and you're family is seriously awesome! I love that Dallin was racing with his prom date...how cool is that!? Where were these guys when I was in HS? CONGRATS on your first marathon. :)

  3. LOVE all the pictures!!! You are lucky to have such a wonderful support group. How about the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY??? It's Sep 30, it will be cooler and I will be there :)

  4. You're Awesome!! congrats on finishing a marathon :) I wish I would have gotten into running a little sooner.. After I finished a 10k last year....I haven't been able to run lately :( And you know when you can't do something it makes you want to do it even more? ha, well I maybe that's what I needed to get me to a point where I want to maybe run a half and possibly full in the future! It has been fun to see your progress and secretly cheer you on! I have been "running vicariously" through watching your training... ha, lame I know! Good luck with your move to Scottsdale....my cousin has lived there fore 10 years and loves it!!

  5. Woo hoo!!!! You have joined the marathoner ranks and you didn't look tired in any of your pictures. Great job!

  6. Love the pictures! They really captured the race and YOU. You didn't look tired at all.
    You are lucky to have such a wonderful support group. I think it makes the race experience better.
    Makes me wanna go run... :)