May Runs Away

  • Total miles run:  50.35 miles
  • Days run: 16 
  • PR's set:  none
  • Time spent running: 8:24:11 
  • Monthly average pace: n/a (buncha track workouts without timing)
  • Longest distance: 5
  • Half+ marathons: 0
  • Average temperature: 95+
  • Races:  1 Foam Fest 5K that was really, really bad

I went from 38 miles ahead of my yearly goal, last month, to about 6-1/2 miles ahead now.  Obviously I'm not doing great, but what can ya do.

I had two weeks of no pain after the SL race, but the shins are bi-polar and it's back and forth.  I really don't want to take a whole month off, but we'll see.  After Juneathon, of course.  =)

Meanwhile...yesterday I ran in 100 degrees!  Ha.  It didn't even really bother me.  Remember when I thought 80 degrees was too bangin' hot!  Every run requires a hydration belt.  Even half a mile!!  Oh Arizona I love you.

SLC 4/21/2012
Sweet Ben filling my bottles with ICE.  Mile 21ish?  And James that just ran the half marathon in literally a brand new pair of Brooks.

Still not too late to sign up for Juneathon.  You don't have to run, you can do other types of fitness or whatever floats your boat.  Starts tomorrow wahoo.

First Valley Adventures

The weekend was extra long, and we had our first overnight visitor...Ryan, Ben's buddy!  The weather took a heat dive all weekend as well, so it was perfect for some hiking.  Our first hike was Camelback Mountain.
  • Echo Canyon trail
  • 2.4 miles round trip
  • I forgot my Garmin so I estimate 2 hours
  • Temperature:  mid /low 80s
  • 1280 foot elevation gain
It was kind of a climbing hike rather than a groomed trail which made it fun, though you could never ever run it. There were people carrying their dogs at some points because of the terrain.  It's fun but just over a mile, so it's perfect.
I am having a hard time figuring out north/south/east/west.  I think I know freeways by now, and some cities in location to each other, but I couldn't tell you directions from the top of this mountain.  Utah was so easy to keep it all straight.  There are lots of random mountainous areas here that confuse me.
The next hike Ben and I did was Pinnacle Peak.  Online it said runners like to do this one, so we thought we'd hike it to scout it out.  You essentially hike up and over the mountain and then back up and over it again to get back.  The trail was well maintained, so I can see us giving the trail running thing a shot.
  • 3.6 miles round trip
  • 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Upper 80s/ low 90s
  • Elevation gain is not very much...maybe 500-600?  But you hike it twice.
A crazy lesson in Saguaro Cactus growth.  It takes five years to reach two inches tall!!  30 years to reach two feet!  So forth.  Pretty incredible.  There are so many gigantic ones and moving here has given me an appreciation for them.  I like them.
Turns out if you put ice in your Camelbak, it stays cold for hours...much longer than my hydration belt does. Maybe I need to try some long runs with my Camelbak?
Lots of monstrous houses up there.  We wanted to hike down and jump in the pool.

I have gotten out of practice of shopping after living in a small town.  I love shopping, but I still think I'll avoid it because I get faced with hard decisions.  lol
I bought the pink Jessica Simpsons since I recently got another pair of runners.  I'll probably go back and get these GT-2160s soon since I ran Salt Lake in the 2170s and liked them.  They are only $60!

We (Ben, Ryan, yours truly) are sunburned.  We are the white ones around here.  The newbies.

You can live anywhere and do this, which is why you should!  Starts Friday which means I will be posting everyday if I am 100% Juneathon successful.  I guess I better learn how to be all fancy and post from my phone.

Have a wonderful week!  It is awesome it's almost humpday already.


First day of work, had to take a picture!  Seems to be going alright, hallelujah.  I think I was more stressed than he was.  I'm really proud of my husband.

This place is starting to feel kind of like HOME.  Pictures to come when I unpack.  Ben already did, but I just get overwhelmed and end up sitting there thinking about unpacking.
Monday night we went on an exploratory run and there was a trail right next to our place.  3 mile runs in the heat feel like 15 miles in the cool.  I can't believe I ran a marathon a month ago.  What happened?!  100+ degrees, that's what [I keep telling myself].

Ben has a list of local Crossfits he wants to shop.  Monday it was squatting, my favorite (sarcasm).  Well squatting and running, but I can't run in my Nike Frees, so I rowed.
Tuesday at a different CF we did Baseline (500m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups).  Ben is having them think he's a newby.  He wants a Crossfit that cares to teach and keep up on your form rather than feed you to the wolves (basically like they did in our last town, lol).

Speaking of Thatcher, my last time running there I took this picture (highschool track).  The mountains are pretty there.  That is Mt. Graham...maybe.
June is one of the more hot months around here (like well over 100), and slow on the racing front, but there is the treadmill.  I'm looking at doing Juneathon anyways.  I need motivation for a hot summer of running.

Run everyday, blog everyday, and log everyday.  You can do some other form of exercise if needed (like...Sunday walks, or spin, etc.).  I think the hardest part would be BLOGGING EVERYDAY.  I keep up on the blog, but nowhere near daily.  I think it could get stale (like this post), but I'm still thinking about it and I think you all should too.  =)

"Juneathon is an annual festival of activity and excuses. Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day?"

I don't know.  Are you?

First time on a treadmill this summer and it was good!  I enjoyed it and did some hill intervals.  The shins are silent right now, so the worst part was the guy next to me with his long stride who was doing the splits in between each step, and pounding the treadmill that it shook mine more than I did.  Some people have all the luck in not getting stress fractures (. . .or snapped tibias).
While square pictures crop a lot of the goodness out, I do enjoy how large they appear on here.  This is a Curve Slat treadmill that was at one Crossfit.  I don't know anything about them but they look weird.
That's all.  We aren't quite settled but this weekend is a holiday weekend and we will accomplish much settling and exploring.  Have a great weekend!!  One week and one day until Juneathon. . .

We're moved, a "race," and so forth...

Goodbye house in Thatcher!:
You were a nice place for us to spend the last seven months.  We have great memories here that we will look upon with smiles.  (My tripod was packed.)
The race:
We ran the Phoenix Foam Fest 5k after winning free entries for us both on a runner's blog!  I would link back to awesome said runner's blog if my race review was positive.)  
Anyways, it was the worst race we've done, and we've run some rinky dink 5ks.  I don't think they did any homework before putting on this event.

This is why:
  • It was just over 2 miles and not a 5k.
  • The aid stations were out of water and deserted of people.  It was in the 90s.
  • No inflatable obstacle was inflated.  They were like 35% inflated, so we all went around them.
  • The first foam obstacle was dried up, no foam, and just machinery sitting there with no people.
  • The "giant slip 'n slide" was dry with dried sand covering its surface.
  • The only muddy location was at the end and when we got there it was all closed down too.  Out of water.
  • Out of drinking water after the finish.
  • No timing or clock.
  • Only 8ish out of the "30" obstacles advertised.
  • Lastly and oddly, upset runners voiced their opinions on 5k FoamFest's Facebook page.  FoamFest erased all the complaints about the race (maybe 50+ comments that I saw) which left the positive comments only...none.  They must have monitored Facebook because they kept erasing all the comments which made runners mad, and thus they would repost another comment.  Then FoamFest blocked anyone who posted negatively (myself included, though my comment wasn't angry because, hey, I ran for free).  If you "Liked" their page, posted negatively about the race, they erased it and made it so you couldn't write anymore comments by individually blocking people.  A few hours later I checked back, and their Facebook page, 4,000 likes and all,...gone from cyberland.
I felt bad for the people that tried to put on this event, but after their response to the frustrations of runners that paid $50 for entry, I just feel bad for the runners now.  What a bummer.
The move:
It is again strange to call somewhere new, "home."  This is probably the biggest change of the moves we've done, even more so than from Layton, Utah, to the small town in Arizona last summer.  It is an amazing area here, but there's still that looming feeling of that one last big piece of the puzzle fitting... Ben's new job!  It is a completely new job, but still the same type of position.  We decided not to transfer with the mine after Ben had this other opportunity.  Everything has happened in random ways.  We are blessed.  Tomorrow Ben starts, and he is so excited!

Here are some more pictures of our little community.  I love wandering through and taking pictures.:
I plan to utilize this place to the max.:
Perhaps this will help convince you to come visit...
CHURCH is 15 miles away!!  Holy cow.  Our ward all live around here, but there is no building to meet in, so everybody drives the 20+ minutes each week.  Our first day there was nice.  We were bombarded by sweet church members that we actually got a little overwhelmed.  Nice people!  (I think we were there two minutes before we had a records transfer sheet given to us, and now it is known that I play the piano.  They are crafty, those church people.)  =)

The weekend was putting crap away and exploring our new area.  This is fun, exciting, scary, crazy, and so forth.  Time to make some friends!
We now live next to a massive bookstore (dangerous for the wallet).  My purchase that I hear is somewhat comparable to Hunger Games?:
I think that is all for now with this crazy and unexpected life.  After two low mileage weeks for shin sakes, I hope to be able to start bringing it back now.  The Gel 3030s seem to be doing great!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week!!  Did you see the solar eclipse??

Moving V.0.3.2012

This is where I'm writing this post from...
Our camping bed.  We moved!  Mostly.  It has been some busy days, but we are back in Thatcher until Friday morning.

In regards to our bed picture above, since our safe bed has been relocated, we created a safety zone with that sticky side up duct tape.  We found a few scorpions in this room upon move out, and this morning we woke up to one chillin' on the floor by the radio.  Safety first.
So we packed up our truck Monday, and drove it to our new place Tuesday to unload (almost four hours away).  Nate and Ben did 25 loads on the elevator, in 3-1/2 hours, in 100+ heat.  THANK YOU NATE.  We couldn't have done this without him.  And thank you to my superman sweetheart who can do anything.  I love you!
I lost some faith in mankind when our neighbor backed into our Uhaul as we were loading it.

Neighbor:  Sorry.  I didn't see it.
Ben:  Well uh... it's kind of a big truck to not...uh...see...

No damage on our end.  Carry on.

Becky and the girls stopped by and we walked to the Hawaiian Ice Shack, a convenient block away.  They all chose blue bubblegum... (I LOVE Mallory's pic)
Ben's buddy also stopped by and had his pups.  Meet the pregnant Fudge, and lil Gator.  Random maybe, but they were cute I had to get out my camera.  Dogs are hard to photograph.
Here are a couple pictures of the new place.  I charged my camera and then proceeded to leave it behind, but we were pretty busy for the few hours we were there.  We are SO excited to go back.  And we want you to come visit!!  We are 3+ hours closer to SLC driving, and 20 minutes from the airport...just sayin'.
The view from our bedroom...the lap pool!!  I think it's pretty cool.
I didn't take many more pictures.  But one thing I'm excited for is the fitness room with treadmills!!  When it's 105 at night this summer, I think I'll be hitting the treadmill.  Thatcher was nice since it got a lot of fun monsoon storms that cool the evenings down in summer, but I don't know if Phoenix gets many?

We swung by the running store so I could get some new kicks!  My GT-2170s are pushing 400 miles and I had a rough week running (400m slow jogs on grass with 400m rest...because of my shins).  I went in thinking about Brooks Adrenalines or Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s, but ended up with the Asics Gel 3030 after getting re-analyzed.  I overpronate but also have a funky kick back after I release from the ground.  I need help.  lol  I need a coach.

Please new shoes, make my shins happy once again, preferably also when I run fast.  Running slow is getting old.  But I'd rather run slow than not at all.  (They don't come in pink.  I asked.)
That is all for now.  Have a HAPPY....Wednesday!!!  My days are so messed up.  G'night friends and family.  =)