1 Week to the Move!

Happy Monday!  This is my first Arizona May and after a hot spell last month, we're back to about 90-95 average.  We actually turned our A/C on for a few hours yesterday.  First time since we've lived here.  We like it hot.  =]

But onto bullets...

  • I posted this on Facebook last week, but it's the only picture I took of our new place.  Isn't it cool looking?

  • We spend the evenings packing (after our workouts, clearly).  I put on my hardhat and then forgot I was wearing it over my hat, so later Ben came out wearing this.  lol

  • I was pushing 400 pairs of shoes before we left Utah last year, but they are a pain to move.  This weekend we agreed on a 250 cap, and I have successfully finally removed enough pairs to get to that number.  Every time I buy, one goes.  (At least until we establish permanency...right Ben...)

  • Three months of medals.  Ben made this awesome medal display.  My favorite is the one on the far left!!

  • If you haven't heard (you must be living under a rock or something) I don't like scorpions.  This night one in particular kept us up late because it hid in the gap under the baseboards too close to bed.  Ben taped up the floor/doorframe (in hopes it didn't climb the walls to come out).  Ben sprayed under the baseboards with bug spray, and we never saw it again.  I have seen the destrominator saturate this place with scorpion killer, so why do they still exist?

  • This is a gecko.

  • Mister Garmin was acting weird so I reset it and paired it with Ben's Garmin for a little comparison jog.  They came out the same minus the impossibility of stopping them literally the same time.  Cool.  (After the SLC race, my dad and brother both bought Garmins.  lol  Addicted!)

  • We got sod in our lil backyard inside the race track sidewalk!!  I'm excited because we are moving and don't have to pay to water it.  Kidding.  (Or get in trouble for not mowing it . . .with our scissors. . . or something.)

  • Spent time with Rykar (my mini Greyhound) while in Utah last month.  Perhaps in a year he will come to live with us!  These dogs have two speeds:  super fast and couch potatoes.

  • Tan gave me two packages of this and it is tasty.  Ben called me a dinosaur.  Whatever.  I have great taste buds taste.  Have you ever tried roasted seaweed?

  • The joys of marathon training and lost nail/s...ugh.  I'm a genius pedicure-est, so you can't even tell.  It is a lot of work to keep up with running feet.  I don't even like feet.

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Thank you for being such a good friend! One of my toe nails fell off last month too and I had 2 disgusting blood blisters too. Your house
    Looks like it's coming along and your pooch is the cutest:) keep thinking about Vegas in December. We can totally handle up on a sub 4.5. I k ow we can, especially if we were running together:)

  2. 400 (!!) pair of shoes?! WOW! I don't think I owned that many during my 32 year life! :) I own 5 pair of running shoes and 3 pair for work shoes and then some flip flops. I clearly like it comfy :)

    The new place looks colorful, modern and fun! Can't wait to see more about it. Have a great move!!!

  3. The new place looks super cute!
    Whoa, you have a lot of shoes.. and they are all super cute. I kind of really want your closet!
    Love the display!
    I am so glad I live in a state with no scorpions, oh those would freak me out too!
    Hope you guys have a good move :) If you need to rehome some of your shoes I'll take em! ;)

  4. Your new place looks awesome...I can't imagine how excited you must be. We really want to plan a trip that way once the house is done. Sorry we weren't able to hook up while you were in town. My phone suddenly went dead and my luck, the entire state was out of the iPhone so the wait was 3 days to get one.
    I wish I wore your size. Your shoe collection is amazing. I wonder how many of the same pairs we have. I hope you kept our Eskimo/Monster boots. :)

  5. I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog, and I looked everywhere for a 'Contact Me' button and couldn't find a way to get a hold of you.. So hope you don't mind the semi-random comment ;) About the swap: Mamarazzi (http://www.ourdandelionwishes.com) hosts swaps on occasion and she is in charge of getting everything set up. Here's the link to the one I did (http://www.ourdandelionwishes.com/2012/04/mamarazzis-favorite-color-swap.html) to kind of give you an idea of how it works. Feel free to message her if you want to know about when she will be hosting another swap :)