3 (+23) Things Thursday

My friend, Hannah, did this ABC's questionnaire awhile back.  I like ABCs, here are my 'ABC Answers'...

Age:  27.690411
Bed size: Cali King- but not big enough haha
Chores that you hate:  Folding laundry/ looking for scorpions in our bedroom with a black light before bed (that is why Ben does it)
Dogs:  Rykar my Mini Greyhound that lives with my family.  I rarely meet a dog I don't love.
Essential start to your day:  My early morning email from Ben!  Makes the day great!
Favorite color:  pink/purple...
Height:  5’ 2-3/4" which surprises a lot of people
Instruments you play:  Piano/organ.  I can bang out some stuff on the drums, though I haven't in awhile.
Job title:  CAD Designer/Drafter/Design Engineer/Fun Person (not related to interior design as I'm not good at that)
Live:  Phoenix ...we are moving this weekend at least
Mother’s Name: Tracy
Nicknames:  Bisto (biss-toe) originating from my family singing to me "Christy-Misty-Bisty-Bisto."  My sister calls me Gravy because once my grams wanted me to grab the gravy when I was in the kitchen, and instead of yelling my name she accidentally yelled "GRAVY."  Ben also calls me a lot of other things.
Overnight hospital stays:  Five- not for me, for Ben.  The five days before our wedding.  I slept on the floor next to him, planning our wedding.  lol
Pet peeves:  People I don't really know who friend me on Facebook and then don't even interact, ever.  What was the point?
Quote from a movie or TV show:  "And why is the carpet wet Todd?!  I don't knooooow Margo."
Right or Lefty:  Righty
Siblings:  3: a very busy older sister that lives in California (30) as the Disneyland Ambassador which is awesome!, two younger brothers ages ...oh crap, James are you 24? (goes to BYU), and Dallin is 18 and about to graduate from highschool already.
Time you wake up:  unless my boss forgets I'm an hour behind and calls early, or when I taught classes at 8, 8:15 and it is AWESOME!!!  First time in life I get to sleep in since like 1st grade.  I will enjoy it while it lasts.
Underwear:  ...yes, I wear it.
Vegetable you hate:  Jalapenos.  I don't have a gallbladder anymore so my belly is weirder about spiciness.
What makes you run late:  My hair/make up.  lol  Only for church though.  I'm always on time to work/etc.  But for some reason church makes me late.  That is sad.
X-Rays You’ve Had:  Neck and back, an MRI (over migraines), and last fall I had an Ultra Sound and Cat Scan because of a lump in my neck that my physical therapists freaked me out over.  That was a doctor's phone call my life revolved around at the time.
Yummy food you make:  I really only make chicken dishes and brownies.   I don't have any famous dishes.  Jello?
Zoo Animal:  I love animals.

I just noticed G and K are missing.  Haha.  So I guess it's only 3 + 21 Things Thursday.

Have a happy weekend!  Ben has work off until Wednesday and so we're finally moving all our stuff.  We'll be back camping in Thatcher for his last few days of work and cleaning our house, then the 19th we'll say goodbye.

Yesterday we had a little lunch with his work and they seem genuinely sad Ben is leaving, but also happy for us.  Hopefully his next location will be just as great as the people he has been able to work with here.  His boss gave him a card with high heels all over the front, wishing us well.  Clearly she is a cool boss.  :)

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Great post! The hospital picture was a shock though! This looked serious... especially 5 days before the wedding!

    I'm jealous of your 8:15 wake up time and NO commute! :)

  2. Loved reading your answers Christu!!! Hey, you know my husband is a professional musician:) he's a drummer ( percussionist) you two would have a ball chatting it up!! Vegas! We gotta make it happen