April Runs Away

  • Total miles run: 48.64
  • Days run: 8
  • PR's set: 26.5 (distance)
  • Time spent running: 24:07:26
  • Monthly average pace:  9:50
  • Longest distance: 26.5
  • Half+ marathons:  1 full (it was a tad long)
  • Average temperature:  85 at the beginning of the month, 90-95 at the end
  • Races: 2- SLC marathon, Warrior Dash 3.28 miles + 14 obstacles
  • Liquid consumed on April runs:  805,000 gallons
  • Weight gained during the heavy part of training:  2-3 lbs
  • Chance I'm going to sign up for another full marathon within the next year:  100%

It was a slow and hot month with lots of rest, but I'm 38 miles ahead of my year-to-date goal so I'm okay with it.  My shin cooperated during the race which was the goal.

What's up for May?
  • Slowly bring back some speed and pray my leg cooperates
  • 78-ish miles on schedule (but also a move...so...the excuses already have begun)
  • One Foam Fest Mud Run (I won free entries for us wahoo!)
  • Treadmill miles?
  • Whatever else is
  • Pool time
On a disturbing note, yesterday's run was pleasant and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever.  Maybe after running a lot you just get used to some pain and you no longer feel it...or something...


  1. So glad your feeling well and plan to do many more races. I'm pretty bummed right now.
    Tomrrow I'm going to try p run one last time before making the final decision not to run the marathon but almost possitive it's not happening.

  2. OUCH!!! That is some serious bloody sock. That's a proof how determined you are!!! You should do the Wineglass with me!!!

  3. You are doing an awesome job staying ahead of your year-to-date goal! & Ouch! Your foot!

  4. After you've moved in maybe we can get together for a run. Are you going to run the ARR Summer Series? I haven't thought that far ahead yet but it's a really great price and it seems all of Phx comes out for the races.

  5. Oh, and your foot really looks bad.

  6. You're amazing! My dream is to look like you and run like you!! Ill keep wishing! I will just live through you!

  7. That picture of you foot looks really really bad. Ugh!